2024 Festival:
October 21–27

2022 Volunteer Ticket Lottery 

Every Writers Fest volunteer serving a minimum of 12 hours during the Festival Week or 15-20 hours pre-festival is entitled to one complimentary ticket to a Festival event.  

Volunteer captains who meet shift requirements are guaranteed two tickets, with one of the “winning” tickets being one of their top two (or three) choices. 

Please make sure you are not working during the event you’ve selected or that you’re not attending another event at the same time!  

We thank you for your enthusiastic commitment and for volunteering at the Vancouver Writers Fest!  

Ticket Lottery Choices

This year, we are only offering comp tickets for the events listed below.  
Details about the Festival events are available here: Festival events 
NOTE: If you select only 1 event you are not guaranteed a ticket to that event. Selecting fewer than 9 events does not increase your odds for the events you have selected. 

Available events: 

Event 11:  Sisters in Resistance: Tilar J. Mazzeo in Conversation with Marsha Lederman  

Event 12: The Alma Lee Opening Night Event: Family Matters  

Event 13: What Home Means  

Event 14: Ali Hassan in Conversation with Brent Butt  

Event 23: An Evening with Wayne Johnston  

Event 24: Freeman’s Spotlight, featuring Tess Gunty  

Event 25: UBC Creative Writing  

Event 26: Fabulous Historical Fantasy  

Event 27:  Memory of Self  

Event 28: An Evening with Billy-Ray Belcourt  

Event 29: Latin American Brilliance  

Event 38:  Short Story Masters 

Event 39: The Power of Story: Live Recording for CBC’s The Next Chapter 

Event 40:  Fiction from Reality 

Event 41: Writing History 

Event 42: Don’t You Want Me, Baby?: Authors Do 80s Lyrics 

Event 43: A Gallant Day: The Great Coincidence of August 11 

Event 44: The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be: Journalism in the 21st Century 

Event 45: Generational Fiction: Stories of Lineage, History and Things Passed Down 

Event 46: Wry Humour for Modern Life 

Event 47: Douglas Stuart in Conversation with Eddy Boudel Tan 

Event 48:  Writing Indigeneity with Shelagh Rogers 

Event 49: The City of Vancouver Book Awards Ceremony 

Event 50: Poems for the Twelfth Hour 

Event 51: An Evening with Heather O’Neill 

Event 52: Writing The Self 

Event 53: The Narrator’s Tale: Playing with Truth 

Event 54: Eleanor Wachtel Interviews Pierre Jarawan 

Event 55: In the Heart of Montreal: Fiction from La Belle Province 

Event 56: The Poetry Bash 

Event 57: Queer Little Nightmares 

Event 58: Bestseller to Blockbuster 

Event 59: Jane’s Rights and the Freedom to Choose 

Event 60:  Une force de la nature: club de lecture avec Violaine Huisman 

Event 61: Wildness: Stories for an Unraveling World 

Event 62: Building Suspense 

Event 63: Poets in Conversation 

Event 64: The State of Women 

Event 65: American Debuts: Emerging Authors, Exceptional Tales 

Event 66: Blending Genres 

Event 67: An Evening with Elif Batuman 

Event 69: Writing Across Cultures 

Event 70: Good Reids 

Event 71: The Crime [Writing] of the Century: Linwood Barclay and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir in Conversation 

Event 73: The Future is Now, with Bob McDonald 

Event 74: Across Cultures and Place: Poets in Conversation 

Event 75: Killer Plots 

Event 76: Emerge 

Event 77:  Short Stories, Expansive Worlds 

Event 78:  Dr. Gabor Maté in Conversation 

Event 79: The Afternoon Tea 

Event 80: Her Image on the Mirror: A Tribute to Mavis Gallant 

Ticket Lottery Form

Please choose your top 9 choices for the Ticket Lottery! See above for event information.