2024 Festival:
October 21–27

2024 Season

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Your contribution helps us connect K-12 students with inspiring authors, supports our free spring Incite conversations, and ensures accessibility to one of the most celebrated literary festivals in the world. Thank you for supporting Vancouver—and the Writers Fest—as a leading cultural hub that celebrates diverse voices and engages in thought-provoking conversations.

The Festival

Support our flagship Festival in October, which brings more than 17,000 people to Granville Island for more than 100 events each year. Help us fly authors to Vancouver by donating your Aeroplan Miles.

Youth Educational Program

Support our educational programming that connects students from K-12 with celebrated writers from across the globe. One-third of the Festival is programmed to educate students through listening to writers with unique perspectives and inspirational messages. Help instill a life-long love of reading and writing in kids.


Support Incite, our free reading series in partnership with the Vancouver Public Library, where the Festival shares the power of the written word with all members of the community.


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Post Script Society – Make Literature Your Legacy

“We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’ts; We need books, time and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a Time lasts forever.”—Philip Pullman

If books have been a lifelong companion for you, consider supporting the Vancouver Writers Fest as part of your legacy giving.

Legacy gifts are incredibly valuable investments in the Festival, ensuring future Vancouver readers will continue to engage with authors, books, and ideas that transform our world, spark conversations, and foster a love of books and reading as a lifelong pursuit.

Please contact us at info@writersfest.bc.ca to discuss how to give a legacy gift—including living trusts, beneficiary designations, securities, endowment gifts, or planned giving. Our team will work with you and your financial planner to ensure all tax and membership benefits are in order.

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Our Supporters

Collectors Edition Benefactors ($10,000)

Moh Faris, Reema Faris, Ramona Chu & Yasmeen Strang in loving memory of Yulanda Faris

Y.P. Heung Foundation

Hasan and Naz Khosrowshahi

Al Roadburg Foundation

Classic Edition Benefactors ($5,000-$9,999)

Ramona Chu

Alexia Jones

Bonnie Mah

Whitford & Stevenson Family Fund

Sam Znaimer

Bestseller Benefactors ($2,500-$4,999)

24 Good Deeds Foundation


Sandy Garossino and Ravi Sidhoo

Colin Harris

Sandy Jakab & Bob Lesperance

Special Edition Benefactors ($1,000-$2,499)

Megan Abbott

Susan Adams

Jack Austin

Trevor Battye Advertising Sales

Crissy George

Harvey McKinnon

Kim Mah

Neil Chrystal

Jude Coffin

Gary Collins

Janice Dalzell

Carey Fouks

Judy Gale

Anne and Sofia Giardini

Leslie Hurtig

Jake Kerr

Fiona Lam

Shirley Lew

Joanie McEwen

Scott McIntyre

Ebie & Ian Pitfield

Bob Rennie

Don Rose

Indira Samarasekera

Ronald Norman Stern

Ian and Jane Strang

Sandra Stuart

Denis Walker

David Williams

Paul & Joan Whitney

Thomas S. Woods

Limited Edition Friends ($500-$999)

George and Donna Battye Fund

David Van Blarcom

Cathleen Boyle

Jonathan Burke

Jeff Charpentier

Sean Cranbury & Carleigh Baker

Katherine Doyle

Brian Duncan

Gordon Gibson

Karen Gilmore

Janie Chang Technology Marketing

Richard Johnston

Euan Ramsay

Mary Robertson

Kristin Stockley

Adrienne Tanner

Beverley Watt

Caroline White

Ian Williams

First Edition Benefactors ($250-$499)


Deborah Armour

Birgit Bateman

John Bechhoefer

Michelle Blackwell

Tanya Boteju

Barbara Cooper

Clare Crosthwait

Jane Davidson

Charlene De Faye

Mary Doherty

Sarah Ellis

Allison Felker

Anne Fleming

Janet Fretter

Meg Gaily

Ian Gill

Allison Hart

Karin Hartner

EA Doley Henderson

Karen Howe

Violet Hughes

Valerie Hunter

Sharon Jeroski

Laurence Johnston

Bill Koch

Fran Maclean

Meite Moser

Terri Newell

Alice Niwinski

Eduardo Ottoni

Cathy Paperny

Kit Pearson

Carolyn Pederson

Timothy Pezarro

Susan & Lonnie Propas

Melanie Rupp

Claire Saadian

Jennifer Sankey

Selma Savage

Kaile Shilling

Jane Slemon

Suzanne Smythe

Shelagh Van Kempen

Jeffrey Vicq

Gillian Walker

Mike Walker

Kelleen Wiseman

Jan Whitford

Pamela Whittall

Patricia Young

New Edition Benefactors ($100-$249)

Cathy Abrossimoff

Caroline Adderson

Valerie Alber

K Louise Allen

Marisa Alps

Audrey Anderson

Nancy Barker

Adriana Barton

Elizabeth Bastedo

Jo Baxendale

Lois Beckett

Barbara Bell

Bradford and Chris Bentley

Michelle Blackwell

Renate Boorman

Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

Avalon Bourne

Julia Brown

Ann Carroll

Emma Chang

Maggi Cheetham

Jane Cherry

Natasha Chetty

Hilde Colenbrander

David Conlin

Marlene Conway

Kate Corvus

Kate Dahlstrom

Brenda Damen

Edith Davidson

Jill Davidson

Carol Anne de Balinhard

Jaiden Dembo

Leena Desai

Margaret Dickson

Laura Dochtermann

Jay Dodge

Kim Douglas

Cathryn Duerksen

Frances East

David Ebner

Kyla Epstein

Lynda Erickson

Joy Fai

Tanya Fairweather

Jessica Falcon

Catherine Fallis

Jianna Faner

Susan Flynn

Lily Fong

Don Forsyth

Irene Fritschi Nelin

June Gallagher

Elee Gardiner

Julia Gibson

Erica Gilbert

Mary Gilzean

Genevieve Goggin

Rita Gould

Erica Grant

Yvette-Monique Gray

Diana Green

Louise Hager

Sarah Hamilton

Dr. Liz Hancock

Rosamund Harrison

John Harvey

Julia Hedley

Shelagh Heeney

Tracey Hirsch

Marion Holmes

P & E Holuboff

Darby Honeyman

Dr. Richard Hopkins

Emmett Hossack

Leslie Hunt

Linda Hunt

Annie Huston

Arlene Jackson

Susan Jecks

Faune Johnson

Freda Johnson

Shelley Johnson

Elizabeth Jones

Janice Kallas

Phyllis Kenney

Linda King

Bonnie Klein

Wesley Knapp

Lisa Ko

Ethel Kofsky

Dolya Konoval

Karin Konstantynowicz

Lorraine Koren

Juliann Krushen

Brenda Kumar

Yolande Lafleur

Melanie Last

Miles Lavkulich

David Leggatt

Lauren Leslie

Mary Lindsay

Rob Lloyd-Smith

Elizabeth A. Lomax

Aileen Lord

Irene Lugsdin

Patricia Lundh

Pauline Lundh

Karin Macaulay

Catherine Macdermott

Marlene Mackenzie

Linda MacKinley-Hay

Judith MacPherson

Jacki Mameli

Diane Marshall

Melody Mason

Ian Mass

Minaz Mawji

Klarissa May

Ann McDonell

Bev McDowell

Robyn McDowell

Neil McEachern

Lee McGillveray

Angela Wendy McGinn

Tara McGuire

Sharon McKibbon

Jeanette McLean

Pam McPhail

Kathy Mezei

Mary Lou Miles

Suzy Mingus

Denise Morettin

Denise Nadeau

Kathryn Neilson

Barbara Nelles

Carol Newson

Jayeson Nicols

Susin Nielsen

Brenda Norris

Caroline North

Helen O’Brian

Karen O’Brien

Eoin O’Dwyer

Lisa Ochowycz

Susan Olding

Kathleen Oliver

Kathleen Olmstead

Nora Osborne

Lucille Pacey

Ross Paul

Hilary Peach

Talea Pecora

Joseph Planta

Marion Poggemiller

Manon Poitras

Alyssa Polinsky

Beverley Price

Sally Quinn

Jan Rea

Blaize Reich

Margaret Reynolds

Colin Ridgewell

Kim Roberts

Anjalika Rogers

Mona Rudolph

Shirley Rudolph

Michael Ruskin

Bridget Sacks

Leonard Schein

Minna Schendlinger

Bonnie Schmelke

Linda Schwartz

Dave Secord

Nisha Sikka

Veronica Singer

Patricia Sissons

Alexandra Skoczylas

Helen Smith

Edrie Sobstyl

Lynda Spratley

Maria Stanborough

Linda Stender

Patricia Stevens

Sharon Street

Gloria Sully

Susan Sutherland

Kaarina Talvila

Eddy Tan

Lucille Taylor

Ronnie Tessler

Philip Thatcher

Deborah Thomas

Camilla Tibbs

Steve Tornes

Sandra Vander Schaaf

Shahin Virji

Nancy Vo

Ellen Volden

Eleanor Wachtel

Deborah Wandal

Anita Webster

Patricia Wejr

Valerie White

Faye Wightman

Sandi Witherspoon

Katherine Wreford

Annie K. Wong

Rosemary Wray

Judy Zarchikoff

Karen Zeller

Heidemarie Zeunert

Alma Lee Legacy Fund

In 2006, The Vancouver Writers Fest and several of our community supporters established an endowment fund to celebrate the accomplishments of Festival founder Alma Lee. Our $1 million dollar endowment fund at the Vancouver Foundation enables the Festival to continue to thrive. If you would like to contribute to the Alma Lee Legacy Fund, please visit the Vancouver Foundation.

Colin & Helen Harris

Jab Sidhoo

Yosef Wosk

The Vancouver Sun

Cynthia Woodward

Development Fund

Sandra Garossino

Sheahan & Gerald McGavin

Rudy & Patricia Noth

Megan Abbot

Douglas Coupland

Yulanda & Moh Faris

Anne & Tony Giardini

Scott Griffin

KMC Foundation

Caroline Lawrence

Bonnie Mah

Joanne & David McDonald

Tracey McVicar

Brenda & Michael O’Keefe

Ebie & Ian Pitfield

Rod & Laurie Scheuerman

Helen Shore

Yasmeen & Andrew Strang

Thomas Allen & Sons Ltd.

W.A.U. Nicoll Robertson

Charitable Foundation Trust

John Welson

Jan Whitford & Michael Stevenson