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January – June 2023

14: Ali Hassan in Conversation with Brent Butt

14: Ali Hassan in Conversation with Brent Butt

Headlining stand-up comedian, host of Canada Reads and frequent guest host of CBC q, Ali Hassan has been entertaining the country for years with his signature combination of heartfelt and hilarious insights. He takes to the mic alongside acclaimed comedian Brent Butt to tell us more about growing up, as shared in his laugh-outloud memoir, Is There Bacon in Heaven? We discover how Hassan embarked on a lifelong journey of becoming a “cultural Muslim”—learning to walk the line of embracing his heritage while following his passions and being true to himself. You’ll discover side-splitting anecdotes in this conversation alongside insightful commentary about embracing your identity and beliefs.

Event Participants:

Brent Butt

BRENT BUTT has long been considered one of the funniest people in Canada, with a career in stand-up comedy that spans five decades. He created and starred in the wildly successful Canadian sitcom Corner Gas. His debut novel—a gritty psychological thriller called Huge—is anticipated in fall 2023 from Doubleday Canada.

Ali Hassan

ALI HASSAN is a stand-up comedian, actor, and professional chef. He is the host of CBC’s Canada Reads as well as Laugh Out Loud. He has appeared in three award-winning films. His heartfelt and funny memoir, Is There Bacon in Heaven?, is based on his hit stand-up comedy. (ONTARIO)