2024 Festival:
October 21–27


The New Emergent Studio Theatre (The Nest) is an intimate theatre space on the third floor of the Festival House at 1398 Cartwright St. It sits above the offices of the Vancouver Writers Fest, and is accessible by stairs or a single elevator.

During Festival Week, we have transformed this beloved space into a comfortable walk-in cinema, which will project streamed events at designated times throughout the week (check our Program Guide for more details). Join other patrons experiencing these streamed events together, and join in on live Q&As with authors including Francisco Goldman, Atticus Lish, Ruth Ozeki, Gary Barwin, Roy Jacobsen, Kathleen Winter, Cheryl Foggo, Karina Vernon, and many more!

Festival goers are admitted on a first-come-first-served basis. Currently, The Nest has a capacity of 50, with some seats reserved for our Digital Pass holders. Masks are required at all cinema screenings at The Nest. Please check our COVID safety guidelines for more information.

There is limited parking (accessible and otherwise) surrounding the building; spaces are available along Cartwright Street, to the right of the building, and in a nearby, underground parking lot.

You do not need a ticket to attend Cinema at the Nest. This venue is first come first served and there are no reservations. A projection of the streamed event will be viewable at this venue, not the live authors. Even if you plan to watch an event at The Nest you might want to book a ticket to the digital stream because ticketholders receive links to watch the events again for one week after the Festival.

Nest Schedule

Maria Stepanova in Conversation with Aislinn HunterMonday, Oct 186:00pm
On Animals: Susan Orlean in Conversation with Mark MedleyTuesday, Oct 197:00pm 
Family Ties that Bind: With Francisco Goldman, Atticus Lish, and Ruth OzekiWednesday, Oct 206:00pm
Entre Nous: With Elisa Shua Dusapin, Anne Serre, and Valérie PerrinWednesday, Oct 207:30pm 
Heaven, Breasts and Eggs: Mieko Kawakami in Conversation with Christina LaffinThursday, Oct 216:00pm
Permanent Astonishment: Tomson Highway in ConversationThursday, Oct 218:00pm 
Complex Histories: With Gary Barwin, Roy Jacobsen, and Kathleen Winter Friday, Oct 2210:00am
Black Literature on the Prairies: With Cheryl Foggo and Karina VernonFriday, Oct 2212:00pm
The Intricate Craft of Poetry: With Brandon Wint, Liz Howard, and Adam SolFriday, Oct 222:00pm
China Unbound: Joanna Chiu in Conversation with Doug SaundersFriday, Oct 226:00pm
On Freedom: Maggie Nelson in Conversation with Baharak YousefiFriday, Oct 228:00pm 
Bewilderment: Richard Powers in Conversation with Eleanor WachtelSaturday, Oct 2311:00am 
Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury: Evan Osnos in Conversation with Omar El AkkadSaturday, Oct 231:00pm
The Lying Life of Adults: Ann Goldstein in Conversation with John FreemanSaturday, Oct 233:00pm
The Mystery of Right and Wrong: Wayne Johnston in Conversation with Hal WakeSaturday, Oct 235:00pm
The Threads of Family and Resilience: With Te-Ping Chen and Pik-Shuen FungSaturday, Oct 237:00pm
The International Sunday Brunch: With Joshua Ferris, Claire Fuller, Jeff VanderMeer, Jaap Robben, Linda Boström Knausgård, and Pilar QuintanaSunday, Oct 2411:00am 
The Magician and the Mayflies: One-to-One with Colm Tóibín and Andrew O’HaganSunday, Oct 241:00pm
Animal: Lisa Taddeo in ConversationSunday, Oct 243:30pm
Yusef Salaam in Conversation with Matt GallowaySunday, Oct 245:00pm