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The Wren, The Wren

Anne Enright

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  • Fiction

The Wren, The Wren

Anne Enright

Named one of Publishers Weekly’s Top 10 Books of 2023, one of the Washington Post’s 50 Notable Works of Fiction, and a Best Book of the Year by Time, The New Yorker, Kirkus Reviews, The Guardian, Library Journal, Harper's Bazaar, The Conversation, and Kobo Canada

From Booker-prize winning author Anne Enright, an astonishing novel about the love between mother and daughter—sometimes fierce, often painful, but always transcendent.

"Carmel had been alone all her life. She had been alone since she was twelve years old. The baby knew all this. They looked at each other; one life into another life, and the baby knew exactly how alone her mother had been."

Nell—funny, brave and so much loved—is a young woman with adventure on her mind. As she sets out into the world, she finds her family history hard to escape. For her mother, Carmel, Nell's leaving home opens a space in her heart, where the turmoil of a lifetime begins to churn. And across the generations falls the long shadow of Carmel's famous father, an Irish poet of beautiful words and brutal actions.

This is a meditation on love: spiritual, romantic, darkly sexual or genetic. A generational saga that traces the inheritance not just of trauma but also of wonder, it is a testament to the glorious resilience of women in the face of promises false and true. Above all, it is an exploration of the love between mother and daughter - sometimes fierce, often painful, but always transcendent.