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October 21–27

The Treasure Hunters Club

Tom Ryan

The Treasure Hunters Club book cover image

October 15, 2024

Simon & Schuster Canada

  • Fiction

The Treasure Hunters Club

Tom Ryan

A rollicking mystery about a secret society, nautical charts, cryptic clues, and a fabulous treasure to die for—perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Benjamin Stevenson.

For nearly a century, tourists have ventured to the idyllic seaside town of Maple Bay in search of a legendary lost pirate treasure, though locals know there’s more than just gold buried in the sand. As the paths of three strangers converge in Maple Bay, the truth is about to be blown wide open.

Peter Barnett is rapidly approaching forty with little to show for his life when a mysterious letter invites him to Maple Bay and the mansion his estranged family has called home for generations.

Seventeen-year-old Dandy Feltzen is isolated and adrift following the death of her beloved grandfather until a tantalizing clue sets her on a mission to solve the mystery he spent his entire life chasing.

Cass Jones has given up on her dream of being a successful author when an unexpected opportunity lands in her lap: a housesitting gig in remote Maple Bay, where she stumbles on the perfect subject matter for her breakout book—and the handsome sailor who might be just the person to help her research it.

Peter, Dandy, and Cass have never met, but they’re on a collision course with each other and the mystery that has defined Maple Bay for centuries. None of them are prepared for the shocking truths that may still be buried there, or the fresh bodies piling up.