2024 Festival:
October 21–27

82. Emerge

82. Emerge

Join us at this free event to celebrate the latest work from The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University: emerge 23: The Writer’s Studio Anthology. Hear a taste of work from those who have participated in the illustrious studio this year, and insights from the writers who mentored them along the way. Find out more about the practices that fuel creative work, and see the results of those practices in the form of new work from exciting emerging voices. It’s an immersive celebration of new talent and established community.

Presented in partnership with SFU Creative Writing.

Readers at this event include:

Francis Chang
Sharmila Pokeral
Connie Laalo
Elisabeth Kroeker Bach
Fae Logie
Wren Jones
Jesse Ramon Ferreras
Nicole Gerber
Emily Iorio
Zannie Biggs
Aimee Louw
Melissa Lam
Steve Tornes
Jill Aalhus
Jennifer Austin
Lubi Lui
Matt Freeman
Liz Crocker
Goran Yerkovich
Jivan Shokar
Jessica Lee McMillan
Maggie Daly

Event Participants: