2024 Festival:
October 21–27

35. Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

35. Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

The Sueño Bay Adventures graphic novel series, by Nancy & Mike Deas, teaches kids about environmentalism, friendship, and home, and regularly receives starred reviews. No wonder it’s a go-to staple for teachers and librarians alike. In this fourth book, friends Kay, Ollie, Jenna, and Sleeves try to help a lost moon creature at the lighthouse of Candle Point. Nancy and Mike will take students on a magical romp through colourful landscapes and flora, sharing what makes a brilliant adventure and what we can learn from the characters in their series who, book after book, dare to explore strange, fascinating places. Grades 2–4.

Event Participants:

Mike Deas

MIKE DEAS is an author/illustrator of graphic novels, including the Sueño Bay Adventures, the Tank & Fizz and the Graphic Guide Adventures series. While he grew up with a love of illustrative storytelling, Capilano College's commercial animation program helped Mike fine-tune his drawing skills and imagination. Mike and his family live on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

Nancy Deas

NANCY DEAS grew up on a farm on Mayne Island, British Columbia, where she wandered in forests and on beaches. She has a great love of travel and adventure. Nancy holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Victoria. She now explores Salt Spring Island, where she lives with her family.