2024 Festival:
October 21–27

22. Burt the Beetle with Ashley Spires

22. Burt the Beetle with Ashley Spires

One of the staples of our children’s programming here at the Festival, Ashley Spires continues to delight classes, teachers, and families with her prolific and delightful books. In Burt the Beetle Lives Here, our favourite bug learns about the different places insects call home. He’s looking for a place to rest himself, but what does he need? A hive, a tunnel, a place in the trees? Fact and fiction wrapped in hilarity will keep kids laughing while learning about insects. Grades 1–3.

Presented in collaboration with the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.

Event Participants:

Ashley Spires

ASHLEY SPIRES is the author and illustrator of many books including the bestselling The Most Magnificent Thing and the Binky the Space Cat series. When she is not making books, she enjoys yoga, jogging and fostering orphan kittens for her local shelter. Ashley lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, with her dog and far too many felines.