2024 Festival:
October 21–27

08. Masterclass: Maybe a Whale

08. Masterclass: Maybe a Whale

In this masterclass for little ones, author and illustrator come together to describe how a story becomes a book. Maybe a Whale, written by Kirsten Pendreigh and illustrated by Crystal Smith, tells a moving story of learning to grieve someone you love—and how being in nature can help you connect with each other, and yourself. Students will feel immersed in storytime as Kirsten and Crystal’s book comes alive on stage. But how does a book like this come to be? Which comes first, the writing or the drawings? And how does Crystal know exactly what parts of the story to draw? The author/illustrator duo will reveal the secrets behind making a children’s book, and share more about this touching story, too. Grades 1–3.

Presented in partnership with SFU Faculty of Education.

Event Participants:

Kirsten Pendreigh

KIRSTEN PENDREIGH is a children’s author and poet from Vancouver, BC. Her books celebrate our early instincts to care for the plants and creatures that share our planet. She is the author of Luna’s Green Pet, illustrated by Carmen Mok. Kirsten’s poems can be found in Canadian literary magazines and in Best Canadian Poetry 2021. Formerly a CBC and NPR journalist, Kirsten also writes non-fiction for children.

Crystal Smith

CRYSTAL SMITH is the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who discovered her passion for wildlife when she was small. She illustrates the natural world to spark curiosity and wonder, kindle concern, and illuminate issues. Crystal currently lives in Victoria, BC. She has worked with the David Suzuki Foundation and Parks Canada, along with other clients.