This weekend we will set our clocks back an hour and our days will get shorter and the nights longer. And although it gets dark early now, it also gives us the opportunity to appreciate the world after dark. Here are just a few books which celebrate the complexities of the world at night. 

1) The Origin of Day and Night by Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt, illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko

The Origin of Day and Night is a picture book published by Inhabnit Media, the first Inuit-owned, independent publishing company in the Canadian Arctic. They aim to promote and preserve the stories, knowledge, and talent of the Arctic, while also supporting research in Inuit mythology and the traditional Inuit knowledge. This book tells the story of the formation of day and night. In very early times, there was no night or day, and words spoken by chance could become real. When a hare and a fox meet and express their longing for light and darkness, their words are powerful enough to change the world forever. Passed orally from storyteller to storyteller for hundreds of years, this beautiful illustrated story weaves together elements of an origin story and a traditional animal tale, giving young readers a window into Inuit mythology. Grades Preschool-2

2) Luminous: Living Things That Light Up the Night by Julia Kuo

Bioluminescence is the phenomenon by which living organisms produce and emit light. It is one of the most magical things to witness at night and this book captures the beauty of this natural wonder while also educating children about it. Acclaimed author-illustrator Julia Kuo talks about the many organisms that make their own light, like fireflies and foxfire, fungi and glow-worms, and deep-sea fish and vampire squids. Kuo’s radiant art portrays a young child and adult discovering different bioluminescent creatures, accompanied by simple lyrical text and informative sidebars that reveal fascinating scientific facts about each of them. An introduction to an extraordinary natural phenomenon, Luminous shines a light upon how truly wondrous the world is. Grades Preschool-2

3) Lights Day and Night by Susan Hughes, illustrated by Ellen Rooney

Lights Day and Night is the second book in the Science of How series. The first book delved into the science of sound and in this one, we learn all about how light works. These lessons are conveyed in an accessible, kid-friendly way. We follow a young girl and her cat as they go on a scientific discovery. Over the course of a summer vacation, the pair investigate the many fascinating aspects of light, including natural and artificial light; the many uses of light; how light can be absorbed, reflected and refracted; the meaning of opaque, translucent and transparent; how the eye sees light; and why some animals need less light to see than humans. From forest fires to traffic lights, this book also provides loads of examples of sources of light. Beginning near the shore of a lake looking up at the stars on a summer night, and ending at the same shore enjoying a fireworks display, our guides offer readers an intriguing and lyrical introduction to light and all its mysteries. Grades K-3