International Friendship Day is coming up and so, here are a few books centred around the comfort only good friends can offer.

Hermit Hill by Mike Deas and Nancy Deas

Hermit Hill is the third book in the Sueño Bay Adventure series, which follows friends Ollie, Jenna, Sleeves, and Kay as they try to solve the inexplicable events that keep happening on their island of Sueño Bay, famous as the “home of the supernatural.” In this book, the four friends are building a go-kart for the annual Fall Fair competition. Sleeves, however, is feeling a little left out by Ollie, Jenna, and Kay and so he decides to claim the Hivers as his loyal subjects. The Hivers are tiny moon creatures who play a crucial role in the health of the local mushroom crop and when they’re locked up by Sleeves, the island’s mushroom crop starts to take a turn for the worse. The last time someone interfered with the Hivers, it didn’t turn out well for them; so, now it’s up to the friends to ensure the same doesn’t happen again. Written in graphic novel style and containing colourful artwork, Hermit Hill is yet another cosy tale of friendship, mystery, and adventure in this highly enjoyable book series. Grades 1-3             

The Old Man and the Penguin by Julie Abery, illustrated by Pierre Pratt

The Old Man and the Penguin is inspired by the true story of João Pereira de Souza of Brazil, who cared for a Magellanic penguin that had been caught in an oil spill. One day, João heard a screeching sound on the beach and found a penguin whose feathers were soaked in oil. João took the penguin home, washed all the oil away from its feathers and nursed the penguin back to health. Once the penguin was better, João released it back into the sea, but the penguin had formed a bond with João and kept returning to his house. João had also formed an attachment with the penguin and named it Dindim. This is a charming story told in verse that beautifully captures this unusual friendship between an animal and a human while also conveying the message of environmental awareness and stewardship and the consequences that our actions have on the natural world. The book also contains information about what to do if you find wildlife in distress. Grade Preschool-2  

Little Bear’s Treasures by Stella Dreis

This charming picture book is a gentle tale of friendship and finding treasures in the natural world. It also illustrates, in an endearing and heartwarming way, how one creature’s trash is another creature’s treasure. The titular Little Bear is a collector of random objects. From shiny buttons, to tickly feathers, hiding places to a soft ball of lint, Little Bear is a veritable treasure finder. The other animals around him don’t understand his strange hobby, but there is one that does. When Little Bear meets Little Bird, it’s the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Together, Little Bear just might discover his best treasure yet, which is his friendship with Little Bird. Award-winning author and illustrator Stella Dreis uses sparse text in this book, but its message is nevertheless conveyed with gentle pastel artwork that adds a sense of whimsy and humour to the story. Grades Preschool-3