Youth Book Corner: Youth Writing Contest

Our Outreach Coordinator Leena Desai recommends a wee stab at creative writing for high school students stuck at home and looking for creative ways to use their time. 

For high school students—attached to the hip with their classmates and school friends—self-isolation must be a shock to the system. I know it is to mine; I thrive on human interaction and tend to go a little stir crazy if I’m stuck at home for a lengthy period of time, by which I mean a day! So, if you know students who are like me and are looking for ways to occupy their time, might I suggest that they take a stab at a little creative writing?

The Internet is rife with memes about Shakespeare using the time he had while being quarantined during the plague to write King Lear. While the veracity of this meme is in question and we’re certainly not expecting the next magnum opus about complicated family dynamics, students could let their imagination guide them to lands both far and familiar to pen a short story or essay.

This contest is open to writers in grades 8-12 who are enrolled in school or taught in a home-school environment. We would love to hear from these budding writers and give them the chance to hone their writing skills. Their work will be judged by the amazing Shannon Ozirny, the Head of Youth Services at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.

To learn more about the contest and guidelines, and details of how to submit a piece of creative writing, please click here.

Till then, stay safe, keep calm and write on!


Leena Desai