Youth Book Corner: Welcoming Spring

As we get ready to set our clocks one hour ahead the coming Sunday and welcome spring back into our lives, our Outreach Coordinator, Leena Desai, recommends some books inspired by this season of rejuvenation and cheer.

This Is How I Know
Written by Brittany Luby, illustrated by Joshua Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley

In this vividly illustrated picture book, an Anishinaabe child and her grandmother explore the natural wonders of each season. They go for walks in the woods where in spring, they see green shoots poking through melting snow and hear the chirping of birds; in summer, they see wildflowers, bees and blueberries; in fall, they see bears feasting before their hibernation and pick up wild mushrooms from the forest floor; and in winter, their forest excursions in the morning are dark and they see animals searching for food.  Written in Anishinaabemowin and English, Mii maanda ezhi-gkendmaanh/This Is How I Know illustrates the importance of oral history and culture passed down from elders to a new generation. Grades Preschool-2

Tree Song
Written by Tiffany Stone, illustrated by Holly Hatam

Tree Song is a lyrical and rhyming ode to the natural world. The book follows the life cycle of a tree as it grows from seedling to mature tree, and finally gives way to a new sapling. Starting with fall, the book shows a seed falling to the ground. It stays there through winter and rain and in spring, it sprouts a little sapling that promises a new tree that will eventually grow in the forest. With each passing season, the seed is surrounded with the sights and sounds of nature: the chirping of birds, the hooting of owls, the hibernation of bears, and the laughter and activity of little kids playing around. Gorgeously illustrated with great love for the outdoors by Holly Hatam and beautifully written with rhymes that children can learn to sing, Tree Song is a gentle introduction to the life cycles of nature for young minds. Grades Preschool-2

Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress
Written by Aimée Bissonette and illustrated Kelly Pousette

In this whimsical picture book, a little girl decides to throw a tea party to celebrate the onset of spring, but things don’t go as planned. While raking her garden, she is carried away on a “great spring wind” and unexpectedly goes on an adventure. This book is illustrated by Kelly Pousette, who is famous for creating magical paper cut pieces and dioramas often depicting the beauty of the natural world. Pousette’s illustrations add the perfect notes of whimsy and wonder to Aimée Bissonette’s lyrical little ode to spring. Grades 1-2


Leena Desai