Youth Book Corner: Tune Into the Vancouver Writers Fest

Less than a month until the 2020 Vancouver Writers Fest flagship October Festival! If you haven’t booked your tickets already, our Outreach Coordinator Leena Desai walks you through the process of registering for youth events.

The Vancouver Writers Fest flagship literary Festival is less than a month away, taking place from October 19 to 25. We have award-winning and world-renowned authors such as Oliver Jeffers, David A. Robertson, Elin Kelsey, Margaret Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton, Christy Jordan-Fenton, Tanya Lloyd Kyi and many others participating in our youth events. Here is a step-by-step guide to registering for youth events:

  • To see our line-up of Youth Events, please click here.
  • All Youth Events will be broadcast on the Writers Fest YouTube channel here.
  • All events are FREE but do require registration.
  • Register for each event by clicking on “Book Tickets” in the event description so that you can receive up-to-date information in case of a change in show times and/or other details.
  • One device = one ticket. This means that a single ticket is valid for one or more persons if they are watching using one device only.
  • If you are a teacher or an educator who wants to tune in for an event and show it to your students—whether they are in class or studying from home—you need to register for the event with your email so that we can send you updates.
  • If screening the event in a classroom, all you need to do is connect your device to a screen in your classroom, go to the Writers Fest YouTube channel on the date and at the time mentioned for the event and tune in. If you have students who are studying from home, please remind your students to tune in on the designated date and time.
  • If you miss an event, fear not! We will be archiving all youth events on YouTube; however, if you or your students want to ask questions to participating authors (using YouTube’s chat function), we recommend registering for the event and tuning in live!

If you have any more questions regarding youth events, please email Leena at

We hope to see you online soon!




Leena Desai