Youth Book Corner: Love of Writing

As we near the end of our annual Youth Writing Contest (deadline May 31!), our Outreach Coordinator, Leena Desai, marks the occasion with books featuring characters that share a love for writing, reading, and learning.

Come, Read With Me
Written by Margriet Ruurs, illustrated by Christine Wei

People who love to read often trace their fondness for books back to their childhood when their parents read to them before bed. Margriet Ruurs shows the making of future readers in this charming picture book that captures the magic of bedtime storytelling. Two children begin their adventure through a world of books by listening and reading aloud some of the most beloved fairy tales and picture books, such as Puss in Boots, The Pied Piper of Hamlin, Hansel & Gretel, Charlotte’s Web, and more. They meet spiders who can weave words, dragons who soar through clouds and children who travel through magical lands. Come, Read With Me celebrates the power of books and how enriching even bedtime stories can be for a child’s imagination and sense of wonder for the world. Grades Preschool-K

Poem in My Pocket
Written by Chris Tougas, Josée Bisaillon

Writing something creative is difficult; writing a poem, where every word and line has to fit just so, is even more difficult as is discovered by the young poet at the centre of Chris Tougas’s whimsical picture book, Poem in My Pocket. In the book, the process of composing a poem is imagined as a journey of words across a city. Our young poet is a child who is trying with great earnestness to write a poem, but the words seem to have a mind of their own. They tumble and fall, turn into riffs and puns, and get swept away in a storm. The child has a tough time piecing the words together, but eventually, the words settle on the ground and grow into a poem tree, much to the child’s delight. The book captures the emotional ebb and flow of writing a poem and can be used as a tool by teachers to have a discussion with their students about creative writing. Grades Preschool-2

The Library Bus
Written by Bahram Rahman, illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

The author of The Library Bus, Bahram Rahman, grew up in Afghanistan during years of civil war, when women were forbidden to learn. Like Rahman, the mother who drives the library bus in this book grew up in that generation, but is now determined to teach young girls to read and write. Her little helper in this project is her daughter, Pari, and together they drive to villages and refugee camps where they distribute notebooks, pencils, and help girls learn to write English. Their bus does not have any seats or passengers, but it has lots of books, chairs, and tables. Pari meets girls her age and by seeing them learn, is inspired to go to school herself. The Library Bus is a celebration of literacy and education and a moving portrayal of the courage, optimism and strength of women in the face of adversity. Grades K-3  


Leena Desai