Youth Book Corner: Literary Summer Camps for Kids

It’s the middle of July and summer camps are in full swing! If you know students who might enjoy camps with a literary focus, here are some recommended by our Outreach Coordinator, Leena Desai.

Christianne’s Lyceum

Christianne’s Lyceum is offering a delightful series of literature-themed workshops, right up to August 27. Preschoolers can learn about the life and art of illustrator Eric Charles as they have a go at making colourful, mixed media collages. Older kids can immerse themselves further in the world of Harry Potter, even attending a Hogwarts class to learn more about transfiguration and fantastic beasts. They can even attend a Lord of the Rings-inspired workshop in which they can make their own Hobbit garden, with herbs and flowers. Teens have lots to choose from as well; they can try their hand at quilting or beading, or improve their writing by taking the Lyceum’s creative writing or essay writing workshops. Grades Preschool-12

Bard on the Beach

There’s never a bad time to be with the Bard. Get to know the works of William Shakespeare with Bard on the Beach’s fun in-person and online workshops. Preschool and primary kids can participate in workshops that use improvisation, mime, and storytelling to develop their imagination and creativity. Middle-schoolers can either do a deep dive into one particular Shakespearean character or take part in adapting an entire play. The second option is open to high-schoolers as well, in addition to which they can also participate in a mixed-media workshop, interpreting Shakespeare’s plays into another form, such as performance, visual arts, music, or creative writing. Running through August, all workshops are meant to ignite the imagination and creativity of students in an environment inspired by Shakespeare’s stories, worlds, and characters. Grades Preschool-12

Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella is renowned for their performance arts-based workshops. But they are also offering two online writing workshops: comedy writing and writing for theatre and film. In the comedy writing workshop, students learn about different types of comedy, like parody, satire, and caricature. They also learn how to establish premise and develop a unique voice. In the theatre and film writing workshop, students will learn the difference between playwriting and scriptwriting. By focussing on story and style, students will learn to flex their creative muscles by crafting their own scenes or monologues. Both these workshops run through the week, thus affording students the time to develop their writing and then share it with other participants. Grades 4-10 and 1-10

Vancouver Public Library

The Vancouver Public Library’s Writing & Book Camp was launched in 2000 and was the first of its kind in Canada. This week-long virtual camp features a wide array of creative activities to help foster content creation in different formats including different keynote speakers and workshops. Students have dedicated time to work on their writing and when it’s time to say goodbye, each camper has the chance to read a piece developed during the camp. This year’s camp mentors include many celebrated authors such as Tanya Boteju, S. K. Ali, Shauntay Grant, Kyo Maclear, Doug Savage, Melanie Florence, Jasmin Kaur, and more. Topics covered in their workshops range from YA writing, fantasy worldbuilding, and poetry to writing list-based stories, graphic novels, and spoken word poems. Grades 5-12


Leena Desai