Youth Book Corner: International Nurses Day

To commemorate International Nurses Day, our Outreach Coordinator Leena Desai recommends books that celebrate the nurturing and caring spirit in all of us. 

West Coast Wild Babies
Written by Deborah Hodge and illustrated by Karen Reczuch

Deborah Hodge’s second book in the West Coast Wild series shows us the special bond that parents and offspring share in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Using the example of the land and marine mammals, fish, birds and amphibians that inhabit this region—such as wolves, cougars, bears, whales, sea otters, eagles, cormorants and more—Hodge and illustrator Karen Reczuch paint a vivid picture of the life of these creatures from the time they are born until they become independent. As much as the book illustrates the love that parents show their offspring, the book also makes a case for the pristine natural environment that is crucial for the growth and sustenance of these beautiful creatures. Grades Preschool to 1

Hey Little Rockabye: A Lullaby for Pet Adoption
Written by Buffy Sainte-Marie and illustrated by Ben Hodson

Award-winning singer-songwriter and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie draws from her own experience of being a pet-mother to many rescue animals such as dogs, cats, goats, and even a horse, to urge us to think about adopting from the local shelter. The words in the book are lyrics to Sainte-Marie’s song Hey Little Rockabye, written and released especially for this book and talk about a little girl who wants to adopt a puppy from a shelter but doesn’t know how to convince her parents. Sainte-Marie hopes that the book and the accompanying song will persuade people to take care of neglected animals and offer them a loving home. Grades Preschool to 2

The Bug Girl: A True Story
Written by Sophia Spencer and Margaret McNamara

The Bug Girl is based on the true story of Sophia Spencer who developed a love for insects very early in life. Her first encounter with a bug happened when she visited a butterfly conservatory and a butterfly perched on her shoulder and wouldn’t leave. From then on, she started sharing her love for bugs like grasshoppers, butterflies, ants and fireflies with her classmates at school until she started getting bullied for it. Her mother decided to get Sophia a pen pal by writing to the entomological society and in response, Sophia got not one, but hundreds of bug scientists as friends who sent her letters, photos and videos and encouraged her to keep her love for bugs going. This is Sophia’s inspiring story that celebrates those amongst us who love and care for the smallest creatures in nature. Grades Preschool to 2

On Our Nature Walk
Written by Dr.  Jillian Roberts and illustrated by Jane Heinrichs

On Our Nature Walk is the latest book in the World Around Us series, designed as a primer to introduce young minds to mature subjects such as poverty, tragedy, prejudice, online awareness and body safety and body image. The subject of this book is the environment and how the trash we generate directly affects the natural world. Using the question-and-answer format, as well as photos and illustrations, this book breaks down heavy subject matter into easily understandable and digestible ideas, while also encouraging students to take on the mantle of environmental stewardship early on in life. Grades K to 2

Music for Tigers
Written by Michelle Kadarusman

Michelle Kadarusman’s enchanting middle-grade novel Music for Tigers asks the question: how far would you go to save someone if you risked losing your own life in the bargain? The novel’s heroine, Louisa, is sent packing to the Tasmanian rainforest for the summer to live with her eccentric relatives; but they aren’t the only ones inhabiting this land teeming with scary, wondrous and mythical creatures. One such creature is the legendary Tasmanian tiger believed to have gone extinct almost a hundred years ago. When a mining operation threatens to wipe out the tiger’s habitat, Louisa decides to intervene and protect the tiger using a little help from her friend Colin and a lot of help from her beloved violin. Grades 3-7


Leena Desai