Youth Book Corner: Fantasy Worlds

Our Outreach Coordinator Leena Desai recommends five immersive fantasy worlds to escape into while being stuck at home.

The Guardians of Zoone by Lee Edward Fodi

Immerse once again in the magical world of Zoone in this sequel to The Secret of Zoone. In the first book, plucky Ozzie Sparks discovers a portal in the basement of his aunt’s house that leads him and a skyger named Tug into the mysterious world of Zoone. After saving Zoone from imminent danger, Ozzie returns home. This time, he must revisit Zoone, not for a wondrous jaunt, but to defend it all over again. Joining him in this quest are his friends Tug and Fidget and his aunt Temperance. Together, they must defend Zoone from an evil army of automatons who are bent on ruling over and destroying the magic of Zoone. Grades 3-7

Wings of Olympus: The Colt of the Clouds by Kallie George

Wings of Olympus: The Colt of the Clouds explores the relationship between a girl and her trusty horse. Pippa is an outcast, having been exiled from the mythical slopes of Mount Olympus by the gods and goddesses that reside there. Pippa has no intention of returning until she rescues a winged cold named Tazo. To take Tazo back to the mountain, Pippa must return to her old home and risk the wrath of the gods. But she soon discovers that a terrible fate has befallen Mount Olympus, as it is at war and all the horses have been kidnapped. Pippa must now restore peace on the mountain and rescue the horses with the help of her friend Hero and Tazo. Grades 3-7

Dragon Assassin by Arthur Slade

In this exciting new adventure, we get to visit Red Assassin School, sort of like Hogwarts for assassins. At this school, students hone their skills at sword-fighting, dagger-throwing, trap-finding, and potions and poisoning. Carmen is an ambitious assassin who is determined to be at the top of her class. But her main adversary – who might stop her from reaching her goal – is also the one who blinded her in one eye: her own twin brother. To make matters worse, the emperor has declared war on the assassins and wants Carmen dead. Now Carmen must win the trust of a dragon, so that she can be a dragon-rider and fulfil her dreams in the midst of extreme danger. Grades 5-8

Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House by Janet Hill

Lucy Crisp has just graduated from high school and has been accepted into an exclusive arts college called Ladywyck Lodge. Lucy looks forward to moving to a new town and into a new home and all the adventure that it entails. But she isn’t quite prepared or equipped for the adventure that awaits her. After she moves into town, mysterious events start occurring; the house seems haunted, the townsfolk harbour many secrets, and at the centre of all this is her own college. As events take a turn for the sinister, Lucy must keep her wits about her to stay sane and stay alive. Grades 7-12

Heart of Flames by Nicki Pau Preto

This swashbuckling sequel to Crown of Feathers follows the protagonist, Veronyka, as she starts her training as one of the Phoenix Riders. Problem is, there is no time to train, because the Riders and the world they love are under attack from the powerful, advancing empire. In these dark times, their enemies are many and their allies are few. It falls on Veronyka to finally embrace her destiny as a warrior and band together with Tristan, the Master Rider, and Sev, a spy, to save their world, even if it means risking their own lives. Grades 7-12


Leena Desai