Announcing the Spring 2019 Writers in the Classroom

We are thrilled to announce our Spring 2019 Writers in the Classroom! Each spring and fall, Festival authors visit schools throughout the Lower Mainland to talk with students about reading and writing. These visits are coordinated—and hosted— at no cost to the school. During the visit, authors read from their works, discuss their writing process and chat in an intimate setting with up to 60 students for one class period.

This Spring, classrooms across the Lower Mainland will hear from the following authors: Caroline Adderson, Nafiza Azad, Jo Billows, Tanya Boteju, Jillian Christmas, Lee Edward Födi, Kit Pearson and Holman Wang. You can read more about these fabulous writers here.

For more information or to schedule an author for your class, please contact Nafiza Azad, Education Coordinator.


Lauren Dembicky