We Love Local Booksellers: Book Warehouse Main Street

Independent bookstores in Vancouver are the foundation of our thriving community, not to mention places to while away hours browsing (and buying!). In this new series, we speak with some of the booksellers, owners and champions in stores across the city.

Profile: Book Warehouse Main Street
Address: 4118 Main Street

Mary-Ann Yazedjian has been manager of Book Warehouse Main Street since it opened its doors in May 2014.

For those who haven’t visited your store, what makes it unique?
So many things! We’re a small store, so we have to be selective: we have a very carefully curated selections of books, but something that suits anyone who may venture into the store. Our goal is to ensure everyone can find something.

Tell us more about that curation process.
It’s a multi-multi-step process. We have three buyers behind the scenes who each have their specialties. Our store sells tons of kids books—board books, activity books, picture books, you name it! We do a lot of research to bring very diverse picture books and educational titles for any age. And we love new, unique, creative titles.

One of the things we love about your store are the extensive shelf talkers that share staff picks.
We love writing shelf-talkers recommending the books we stand behind! It adds a personal touch to the store, and our readers love it. We really strive to be friendly: we want people to be comfortable in store, to spend as much time as they want here. Shelf-talkers help to create that atmosphere: you can read our staff ideas or simply ask one of us what we’d recommend for you specifically.

A friendly atmosphere is also something we strive for in our events. We host 30-40 events every year, ranging from literary readings to cupcake decorating demonstrations, and curate our calendar to speak to as many people in the city as possible.

What’s on your summer reads list?
One of our colleagues, James, absolutely loved Ian McEwan’s Machines Like Me—that’s next on my list. (Editor’s note: the Writers Fest recently hosted Ian McEwan speaking in Vancouver to a sold-out audience!). And Kings, Queens and In-Betweens by local author Tanya Boteju starts with humour which I love.

What do you love about your job?
Because I get to talk to people about books all day long.


Lauren Dembicky