Three Questions with Aislinn Hunter







To celebrate the recent launch of Aislinn Hunter’s latest novel, The Certainties (Knopf Canada), we sat down with the acclaimed author to discuss this new book, wine and how cute her three dogs are.

What is one thing you want readers to take away from The Certainties?

The idea that there’s much to be gained by really seeing others—acting as witnesses for others—and also in allowing ourselves to be seen.

Is there a particular drink or snack that you always have on hand when writing?

When I was writing The Certainties I would sometimes have a glass of wine from the region I was writing about: Spanish wine for the parts of the book set in Northern Spain, wines from the South of France for the parts of the book set there. I really do believe you can taste so many of a landscape’s qualities—and even a particular year’s weather—in its grapes.

What is your favourite under-appreciated novel?

I admired Merce Rodoreda’s The Time of the Doves (trans. David Rosenthal) so much (in a jealous writerly way) that I threw it against the wall when I finished it. She’s an exquisite writer and I think there’s something about her Catalan voice that makes the book both beautiful and terrifying.


Lauren Dembicky