The Mountains are Calling: When Authors and Adventures Add Up

Our intern Jaiden Dembo recommends these epic authors who live life on the wild side:

For everyone who longs for adventure; the thrill and excitement of the unknown; the adrenalin rush of danger with your heart in your throat—these authors will take you there. From the farthest reaches of the Northwest Passage to the untamed wilderness of British Columbia’s west coast to the well-worn ancient passage of the Silk Road, relive their journeys with them as they uncover truths about themselves and the world around them.


Kevin Vallely: Rowing the Northwest Passage

In Rowing the Northwest Passage, Kevin Vallely and his team plunge over the edge of the earth in their high-tech rowboat in one of the last “firsts” of adventure. In this firsthand account, readers are carried off with fierce and unpredictable storms as Vallely exposes the impacts of global warming that made this expedition possible.


Kate Harris: Land of Lost Borders

Rejecting the idea that the explorer is an extinct breed, Kate Harris was determined to face the final frontier and go to Mars. But when she went on a short bike trip through a portion of the Silk Road to pass the time, she realized just how much adventure was still left here on Earth. As told in Land of Lost Borders, Harris soon quit the laboratory and returned to the Silk Road to bike it start to finish.

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Jan Redford: End of the Rope: Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood

Jan Redford is a bad-ass; she scaled mountains and chewed tobacco as she carved out a space for herself in the rock climbing community of the 80s. In her memoir, End of the Rope, she reflects on the sexism ingrained in the community, the tragedy of her boyfriend’s death, her transformation into motherhood and pursuing her own dreams despite the wishes of her (now ex) husband.


Joanna Streetly: Wild Fierce Life

This collection of vivid and thrilling true stories brings readers to the continental edge as Joanna Streetly shares what life is like in the wilds of BC’s west coast. From near-death experiences while swimming at night to coming face-to-face with a cougar, BC’s coast is authentically animated in Wild Fierce Life.


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Trenton Galozo