6 must-see international authors coming to Vancouver Writers Fest

As one of North America’s largest and most dynamic literary festivals, the Vancouver Writers Fest offers Vancouverites the rare opportunity to hear from today’s most prestigious and innovative writers.

Four Asian authors you won’t want to miss at the Vancouver Writers Fest

The Vancouver Writers Fest brings a diverse group of talented authors from across the globe to Vancouver, where they delight audiences with discussions, readings and performances.

Vancouver Writers Fest dives into narratives about sex work, mental illness, belonging, and economic disparity

For the past 30 years, the Vancouver Writers Fest has been organizing award-winning storytellers, both local and international, to lead discussions on the world around us and the stories within us. This year, the festival will be occurring from October 21–27, with 120 authors speaking in various panels and discussing their written works.

Six VWF Events for the Writer in All of Us

Every year, more than 100 acclaimed authors attend the Vancouver Writers Fest—an electric, week-long whirlwind of today’s most pressing issues and exciting new books. Not only is it an opportunity celebrate talented wordsmiths, the festival holds space for people to learn and be inspired by writers—both emerging and established. For the writer in all of us, here are six events to check out from October 21-27.

Keep the season’s grey days at bay with bold graphic novels by Sarah Leavitt, Peter Ricq, Mariko Tamaki, and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Sometimes the thing you need to get you through a typically overcast autumn day in Vancouver is that perfectly balanced combo of words and images that only a graphic novel can deliver. Here are four suggestions, all written by Canadians (although one of them was drawn by a Brit), and all telling very different stories.

Vancouver Writers Fest celebrates Lee Maracle’s storied efforts to decolonize knowledge

Stories contain all knowledge, according to Sto:lo elder Lee Maracle. The performance artist, author, and activist returns to her hometown for the Vancouver Writers Fest to celebrate a lifetime of reclaiming and exalting Indigenous knowledge through storytelling.

Author and guest curator Tanya Talaga finds strength in storytelling at Vancouver Writers Fest

Tanya Talaga is guest-curating three events at the Vancouver Writers Fest—and one of them is not like the others.

With insights from Naomi Klein and Maude Barlow, the Vancouver Writers Fest thinks green

The Vancouver Writers Fest has a well-deserved reputation for bringing outstanding fiction writers to the city. But this year it’s also hosting discussions with Canadian authors of some of the finest nonfiction books on climate change and water conservation.

Alicia Tobin’s heartfelt essays in So You’re a Little Sad lead to cathartic laughs

Hank Tobin is a very good dog. The black, curly-haired miniature poodle belongs to comedian and writer Alicia Tobin. He is already Internet-famous thanks to Retail Nightmares, the weekly podcast Tobin cohosts with musician Jessica Delisle.

Keep the season’s grey days at bay with bold graphic novels by Sarah Leavitt, Peter Ricq, Mariko Tamaki, and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Sometimes the thing you need to get you through a typically overcast autumn day in Vancouver is that perfectly balanced combo of words and images that only a graphic novel can deliver.

With new collection Translated From the Gibberish, Anosh Irani grounds stories in the personal

Nostalgia holds little appeal for Anosh Irani. The notion that the past was better, after all, can turn joy to despair. “But longing, for me, is different because it leads to a search,” says the acclaimed author and playwright. “Longing for home—if you think about the search for home—it’s one of the most primitive and oldest instincts that we have.”

Somali Canadian Journalist Hassan Ghedi Santur is Touring Canada with His Latest Novel The Youth of God

Somali Canadian author Hassan Ghedi Santur is touring Canada with his latest novel, The Youth of God, published by Mawenzi House, follows a Muslim teen in Toronto as he struggles with his education and his faith.

From Vancouver to Halifax, here is the best of October’s book festival circuit

Fellow book nerds: Imagine an October where money was no object and time restraints did not exist, and you could attend as many writers’ festivals across the country as you would like.

From Craft to Art: Joanne Ramos Interview

Joanne Ramos is a mother, The Economist staff writer, and now the author of The Farm. She is one of the featured authors in Vancouver Writers Fest this October 21st to 27th.

Dreaming of Goa: Interview with Derek Mascarenhas

It was the start of Fall in Vancouver, around 6:30  pm, the time in Toronto was three hours advanced. It was the time of my phone interview with Derek Mascarenhas, author of Coconut Dreams. Our conversation started out about his experiences with Word On The Street in Toronto.

Diversity and Inclusivity Emphasized at the Vancouver Writer’s Fest

The Vancouver Writer’s Fest has always been an inclusive and nurturing space for authors and literary fans to unite. According to their site, the festival was established in 1988 and has been expanding ever since. In 2010, the festival was named “the best large literary festival in Canada” by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Emma Donoghue is Fine With Fame

Emma Donoghue strides through the doorway of a busy café in London, Ontario, her crimson hair unmissable, eyes fixed on the display case where her usual lemon square should be. After a few moments of scrutinizing the absence, she capitulates. “I’ll just have the lemon cake,” she says. “And a glass of water.”

Over 100 Authors to Take Part in This Year’s Vancouver Writers Fest

More than a hundred international and even local authors are taking part in this year’s writers festival in Vancouver, Canada. Running from Oct. 21st to 27th, the Vancouver Writers Fest will feature talks and appearances from well-known names like Emma Donoghue, Adam Gopnik, Elif Batuman, Naomi Klein, Charlotte Gray, and others.

Fall book festivals feature a harvest of great reads

This Big West Coast festival includes more than 80 events this year featuring local and international writers. The Star’s Tanya Talaga is their guest curator, programming five events. The 2019 lineup includes Naomi Klein, Maude Barlow, Alicia Elliott and Adam Gopnik on the nonfiction side; fiction fans can see Emma Donoghue, Tash Aw, Booker finalist Chigozie Obioma and Elif Batuman, among others.

Vancouver Writers Fest lineup highlights more than 100 authors

More than 100 international and local authors are set to take part in this year’s Vancouver Writers Festival, including appearances and talks by Naomi Klein, Emma Donoghue, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Adam Gopnik, Charlotte Gray, Elif Batuman, and many more.