Vancouver Writers Fest is back with stacks of books, events, and authors

The annual Vancouver Writers Fest (VWF) is returning from October 19 to 25 and will showcase over 70 authors. The festival offers a wide variety of events catering to different genres and age groups to deepen participants’ love for literature.

Our top 4 event picks for Vancouver Writers Fest 2020

This year’s Vancouver Writers Fest, for the first time is being offered 100% virtually… and even more amazingly, under a Pay What You Can model (with all Youth events marked free)! Their 2020 Festival Week will run from October 19–25, with multiple events per day featuring some of the season’s hottest authors, including six of this year’s Giller Prize nominees: Thomas King, Emma Donoghue, Francesca Ekwuyasi, Michelle Good, Annabel Lyon, and Emily St. John Mandel.

Ivan Coyote

The award-winning writer and performer Ivan Coyote discusses what the last few months have been like living in a world of COVID, writing and performing, as well as the four events they have curated for the Vancouver Writers Fest (19-25 October 2020), with Joseph Planta.

Vancouver Writers Fest moves online with Ivan Coyote as guest curator

I will never forget the first time I saw Ivan Coyote perform at a literary festival. I was slammed with jet lag, having just arrived on the other side of the world, but forced myself to go to the event. It was at a smallish art gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand. Coyote was last on the bill, following a line-up of mostly local talent. It was getting late; would I make it? Then Coyote walked onto the stage, and wow. I cried real tears, laughed my guts out and felt the room around me transform from art gallery to a sort of sanctuary.

Vancouver Writers Fest goes gourmet with Granville Island Delivery Co.

IT’S TIME TO get your food orders in for the Vancouver Writers Fest.

Say what?

The festival is teaming up with Granville Island Delivery Co. for two key events to provide a taste of years past delivered right to your door.

Vancouver Writers Fest: andrea bennett

In anticipation of the festival, I have sat down with several of the festival authors over email, to hear about their books, what it means to be a writer in the present moment, as well as the things that they are most looking forward to.

Wade Davis shares the beauty and wonder of Colombia in Magdalena: River of Dreams

His work as an ethnobotanist, anthropologist, author, filmmaker, lecturer, and former National Geographic Explorer in Residence has taken him all over the world, from the salt mines of Mali to the horse nomads of Mongolia.

Irish icon set to chat in Vancouver Writers Fest online event

In Roddy Doyle’s latest novel, Love, two old friends spend a summer’s night drinking and soul searching. They begin the journey over dinner in a restaurant but soon hit the pavement and pubs of Dublin. With each pint there are further nods to nostalgia and discussions of current concerns. The pair has a four-decade history of which they don’t always agree upon. But with each barstool sat upon they get closer to the truth and each other.

Vancouver Writers Fest announces lineup for its newly digital 2020 edition

Today, the Vancouver Writers Fest revealed a roster of more than 65 authors, poets, and spoken-word artists slated to appear at this year’s COVID-modified edition of the city’s biggest annual literary event.

Vancouver Writers Fest looks to create intimacy at a smaller fall festival

The Vancouver Writers Fest might look a little different this fall as it moves online, but artistic director Leslie Hurtig and her programming team hope to retain some of the intimate energy that comes from sharing a physical space with visiting authors and literary fans.

Vancouver Writers Fest moves to online for fall event

It seems these days we should call this section of the newspaper the festival update list.

This time out it is the Vancouver Writers Fest that has officially announced it is moving online for its Oct. 19-25 event.

Vancouver Writers Fest announces it will go digital this fall

Like other local arts festivals—indeed, like any other gathering of humans anywhere in the world right now—the Vancouver Writers Fest has been busy reimagining itself in response to COVID-19.

The father of cyberpunk shares insights on 2020 and what he thinks about his predictions from decades ago

Author William Gibson speaks with Stephen Quinn about his new book Agency and how human nature continues on its path regardless of alternative realities.

Imagining the Future with William Gibson

Agency, released in December, is the second in a planned trilogy that began with The Peripheral.

It’s classic Gibson, a twinned tale of the recent past and the far-distant future, filled to the rafters with arcana of every stripe — cool gizmos, armoured drones, sexbots — as well as things more immediately recognizable, like failed relationships and parental guilt.

Why Not Hang Out with William Gibson This Weekend?

We guess the Vancouver Writers Fest organizers were having too much fun at their annual hoopla to keep the reading and writing and mingling contained to one week in October, because the calendar this year has been peppered with VWF-hosted events.

Desmond Cole’s new book The Skin We’re In exposes Canadian complacency about racist violence

Canada likes to think it’s past the whole nasty business of race, and takes some satisfaction in tut-tutting quietly to itself when the subject of racism in other parts of the world comes up. But Desmond Cole’s piercing new book, The Skin We’re In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power, wants to show this complacency to be a mask for fundamental patterns of racist abuse throughout the country.

I Don’t Care if You’re Racist. I Care if You’re Hurting Me.

Desmond Cole’s The Skin We’re In tracks one year of injustice against Black Canadians and the white supremacist system that made it possible. A Tyee Q&A.

Lindy West comes north for Vancouver Writers Fest event

Lindy West will join podcaster Hannah McGregor, an assistant professor of publishing at Simon Fraser University and host of the Secret Feminist Agenda podcast, for a Vancouver Writers Fest event Dec. 3 at the Vogue Theatre.

Tanya Talaga Speaks with a Collective Voice

Tanya Talaga is generous: with her time, with her words, and with her breakfast. “Seriously, please take them. I am so not a potato person,” she says, holding out her plate at Vancouver’s Dockside Restaurant on Granville Island. It’s a big morning for the Toronto-based Anishinaabe reporter and author—it’s the day of the federal election and she has a story to file for the Toronto Star on Jody Wilson-Raybould; it is also the first day of the Vancouver Writers Fest, for which she is guest curator this year.

Author Wu Ming-Yi explores many facets of Taiwanese identity in The Stolen Bicycle

A search for a stolen bicycle may simply be a hunt for a lost object, or it could be seen as an allegory of the 400-year history of colonialism in Taiwan. The author of The Stolen Bicycle, which was longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize in 2018, tells the Straight by phone from his home in Taipei that he wants readers to make up their own mind. Wu Ming-Yi is not interested in controlling how they interpret his book.