Choosing Events to Satisfy Your Netflix Habit

Our intern Trenton Galozo shares which events are perfect for Netflix binge-watchers.

It’s 2 am and you’re woken by a loud noise. The room is dark but for the soft glow of your screen. The conversation people are having is instantly confusing. Shoot, you realize, how many episodes did I sleep through? You rub your eyes and grab the remote, taking aim with your thumb. But you falter. The music, the drama, the set: it’s all pulling you back in. It’s too late. Your thumb slides away and you drop the remote.

With so many incredible shows available on Netflix, it can be hard to turn off once you’ve started. With our 80+ events happening at this year’s Vancouver Writers Fest from October 15-21, we have plenty to choose from based on your favourite streamed shows.

If you’re a fan of…

13 Reasons Why

The popularity of YA has grown exponentially across all ages thanks to an abundance of sharp writing and dark themes. 13 Reasons Why is no exception, tackling difficult topics in an accessible and insightful way.

Uzma Jalaluddin, Kim Purcell and Rachel Hartmann’s books similarly capture that balance sharing complex but important themes with accessible writing, and will share their perspective about the genre on October 20 in “YA Rising.”

The Killing

Are you a fan of crime, mystery and detective fiction? Are you one of the many fans who were completely in awe of the storytelling in The Killing? If you seek out cliffhangers and page turners and are looking for your next mystery fix, reserve your tickets for “Wickedly Good Crime” on October 19. Featuring Paul Cleave, Joe Ide and Michael Robotham, three masters of the genre, this event will leave you gasping for breath—and grasping for your next thriller read.

Man in the High Castle

A TV adaptation of one of Phillip K Dick’s most popular novels, Man in the High Castle questions what would happen if a pivotal world event—World War 2—had different victors. By exploring the consequences of the cataclysmic war in an alternate universe, Man in the High Castle reflects on our own society’s political and social outcomes. For minds stimulated by historical events and their impact, “Scars of History” will delight with Esi Edugyan, Rawi Hage and Alix Hawley.

Rock the Park

Though Rock the Park is a slight departure from binge-able streamed shows to something more daytime-oriented, it is one of the few incredible adventure shows that isn’t just another “survival-of-the-masculiniest” series. Instead, it tours the kind of out-of-bounds experiences that most people can replicate with a bit of planning. Lovers of the outdoors and the adventures they inspire will be inclined to check out “Lives Off-Road,” with Kate Harris, Jan Redford and Joanna Streetly.

The Simpsons

Who hasn’t seen The Simpsons? This long-running, incredibly popular show satirizes American life one comical, pointed episode at a time. It’s so culturally saturated it’s gone from TV show to comic books, toys, movies, video games, clothes, and blankets. Fans of this zany family will want to keep their eyes on “Comic Can”—an event totally dedicated to the love of comic books. It even features Ian Boothby, best known for his work as lead writer on Simpsons Comics. He will be joined by Michael Hingston with his book on Calvin & Hobbes, and E. Paul Zehr, a professor of kinesiology and neuroscience, who has written on the possible realities being a superhero would have on the human body.


Lauren Dembicky