Citizen Kid

Katie Smith Milway, Margriet Ruurs

Citizen Kid
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$9.50 for student groups

Citizen Kid

Katie Smith Milway, Margriet Ruurs

Tuesday, October 17
10:00am - 11:30am
Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St.,
3rd Floor

This year, Margriet Ruurs and Katie Smith Milway present new books that will inspire children to be better global citizens. The Elephant Keeper tells the true story of a Zambian boy raised to view elephants as dangerous to humans and their crops, until he rescues a baby elephant from drowning. In The Banana Leaf Ball, Deo is an orphan in a Tanzanian refugee camp where bullies form gangs and steal what they can. When a coach gathers all the camp’s children together to play soccer, those who were afraid of one another begin to laugh together. These two committed children’s authors show kids how everyone plays a role in environmental stewardship and can find common ground in unexpected places.

Suitable for Grades 3-6.

This event has changed venue, from Waterfront Theatre to Studio 1398.

Event Participants:

Margriet Ruurs

United States

Margriet Ruurs has more than 30 books for children. Her Master’s Degree in Education inspired her to write books that children can learn from and that can help educators become better teachers. She also tours to schools to tell students about being a writer and her love of language.  When she’s not travelling, she is running a bed and breakfast on Salt Spring Island. Inspired by true events, The Elephant Keeper is about a young man who dedicates himself to protecting elephants after discovering they are close to extinction because of poaching.


Katie Smith Milway

United States

Katie Smith Milway is an author dedicated to bringing world issues to children. She spent a decade working in more than a dozen countries in Africa and Latin America on sustainable development projects, including village banking, food security, primary health care, water resourcing and education. She has written books and articles for adults on sustainable development and is a partner at  The Bridgespan Group, a non-profit and philanthropy advisor. Her latest book for children, Banana-Leaf Ball, is based on a true story of a young refugee in Africa who used soccer to bring his community together.


*Note: Programming details have changed since the Program Guide was printed. Katie Smith Milway is no longer appearing in “A Big Difference.”*