Animal Kingdom

Event Number: 07
Tickets: $20.00

Youth under 30: $15.00
Student Groups: $9.50

Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, Oct 22
1:00pm - 2:15pm

(formerly Studio 1398)
3rd Floor, Festival House
1398 Cartwright Street

Perfect for any young animal lover, Brett Huson (The Grizzly Mother, The Sockeye Mother) and Rachel Poliquin (Beastly Puzzles) are sure to foster curiosity in the natural world. Exploring the Skeena River, Huson shares both scientific and traditional Gitxsan terminology for this delicate ecosystem. Poliquin provides a fresh approach to inquiry-based learning in Beastly Puzzles, asking kids to draw unexpected connections between animals to deduce their mystery identities. Eye-opening and educational, kids will be delighted by the captivating approach these two authors bring to the world around us.

Event Participants:

Brett Huson

British Columbia

Brett Huson is Gitxsan from their unceeded territory in the Northwest Interior of British Columbia. Growing up in this strong matrilineal society, Huson developed a passion for the culture, land, and politics of his people, and a desire to share their knowledge and stories. Huson has worked in the film and television industry, and is an executive board member for such organizations as Ka Ni Kanichihk and Indigenous Music Manitoba. Mothers of Xsan is his first series and he is a winner of the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada award.,@thegitxsan

Rachel Poliquin

British Columbia

Rachel Poliquin writes about animals, mostly. She has written about taxidermied zebras, heroic sled dogs and 800 000 jars of pickled fish. But she particularly likes celebrating unexpected animal heroes — the lowly, lumpy, supposedly boring but quietly extraordinary.   She is the author of Beastly Puzzles: A Brain-Boggling Animal Guessing Game 2019 and the critically-acclaimed Superpower Field Guide Series for children, including Beavers 2018 and Moles 2019. Poliquin has a Ph.D. in the history of science and has a background in visual arts, cultural history and natural history. She lives in Vancouver with her husband and three children.