Joe Ide in Conversation with Jerry Wasserman

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Tickets: $26.00

Joe Ide in Conversation with Jerry Wasserman

Thursday, October 18
6:00pm - 7:15pm
Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St, Vancouver

Detective novelist Joe Ide creates fascinating characters—perhaps because he is one himself. After a series of unfulfilling jobs, Ide arrived on the scene to transfix the industry with his modern-day Sherlock Holmes: Isaiah Quintabe, aka IQ (Wrecked), an African-American genius working in Los Angeles. The results included tens of thousands of sales and pages of exemplary reviews and praise from fellow mystery writers like Michael Connelly. Ide is one of the most original, funny and downright readable authors in North America today. This evening he speaks to his unusual journey to writing, how he constructs the wildly creative language in his books and what gets him excited about a supergenius PI.

Jerry Wasserman is a theatre critic, actor, and UBC Professor Emeritus of English & Theatre.