Comic Can

Ian Boothby, Michael Hingston, E. Paul Zehr

Moderator: Ken Boesem

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Comic Can

Ian Boothby, Michael Hingston, E. Paul Zehr

Thursday, October 18
10:15am - 11:45am
Waterfront Theatre

1412 Cartwright St, Vancouver

Whether it be Marvel, DC Comics or The Simpsons, teens are obsessed with the comic book world. Comics and graphic novels offer a creative way to immerse yourself in a story, whether for escapism or entertainment, and, with wildly original works each year, its fan base continues to expand. Three such champions are Ian Boothby, best known for his work as the lead writer on Simpsons Comics; Michael Hingston, Calvin & Hobbes superfan; and E. Paul Zehr, author of a series of books examining the possible reality of superpowers. Today these three accomplished authors discuss their passion for comics; how they see the art form developing; and why it can inspire, entertain and educate.

Ken Boesem is an acclaimed Canadian cartoonist, writer and illustrator who’s been featured in Maclean’s, Geist, and Broken Pencil.

Grades 8–12 & adults.

Presented in partnership with SFU’s Faculty of Communications, Art & Technology.

Event Participants:

E. Paul Zehr

British Columbia

E. Paul Zehr, PhD, is an award-winning science communicator & author, neuroscience professor & martial artist. His books Becoming BatmanInventing Iron ManProject Superhero and Chasing Captain America use superheroes as metaphors exploring the science of human potential. In 2015 he won the Science Educator Award from the Society for Neuroscience and Project Superhero won the Silver Medal for Juvenile fiction from the Independent Book Sellers of North America. He also blogs at Psychology Today and Scientific American magazines.