An Afternoon with Kenneth Oppel

Event Number: 38
Tickets: $20.00

$9.50 for student groups

An Afternoon with Kenneth Oppel

Thursday, October 18
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Waterfront Theatre

1412 Cartwright St, Vancouver

Internationally celebrated children’s and young adult author, Kenneth Oppel, is always a favourite at the Festival, captivating students across grades (not to mention adults, too). Having delighted kids with his stories for more than three decades, this year he returns with a story about the power and importance of imagination. Inkling follows the Rylance family, each character stuck in a different way. When an ink blot in Mr. Rylance’s notebook jumps off the page and begins to inject its creativity into the family, each member realizes what they truly need to be happy. Kids will be engrossed with Oppel’s lively storytelling about creativity and knowing oneself.

Grades 4–7.