The Summer Book Club with Rivka Galchen


(price does not include service charge)

Tickets (include book and event): $35 + tax/fees

Thursday July 22, 2021
6:00pm PT

Join us for our Summer Book Club event, featuring New York Times bestselling author Rivka Galchen in an exclusive Canadian event for her novel, Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch (HarperCollins). Be one of the first to read this stunning sophomore novel, then tune in July 22 at 6pm PT for a live event moderated by The Burning author and National Book Award nominee, Megha Majumdar.

Ticket buyers to our Summer Book Club will receive a hardcover of Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch as part of their purchase.

“A resounding delight” (Publishers Weekly) and “dazzling in its humour, intelligence, and the richness of its created world” (Kirkus), this is certain to be a wickedly smart event to invigorate your summer evening plans.

It’s 1618 in Württemberg, Germany, and Katharina Kepler, an illiterate widow with a penchant for stirring up trouble, has just been accused of witchcraft. The rumour sticks, and as the plague spreads and aggrieved neighbours come out of the woodwork, Katharina must rely on her son Johannes Kepler (acclaimed astronomer) and widower Simon who lives next door to set the record straight.

Books may be picked up at Granville Island’s Festival House between Tuesday, June 8–Friday, June 11 between 9am-5pm, or can be shipped to residential addresses for a nominal fee. Please note your preference while confirming your ticket. Alternative arrangements can be made for orders placed after June 11.

This event is presented in partnership with SFU Continuing Studies.

Event Participants:

Rivka Galchen received her MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, having spent a year in South America working on public health issues. Galchen completed her MFA at Columbia University, where she was a Robert Bingham Fellow. Her essay on the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics was published in The Believer, and she is the recipient of a 2006 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award. Galchen lives in New York City. She is the author of the novel Atmospheric Disturbances.

Megha Majumdar was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She moved to the United States to attend college at Harvard University, where she was a Traub Scholar, followed by graduate school in social anthropology at Johns Hopkins University. She works as an associate editor at Catapult, and lives in New York City. A Burning is her first book.