One Page: Jonny Sun


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Thursday May 13, 2021
4:00pm PT

The Vancouver Writers Fest is proud to be a part of One Page: Canada’s Virtual Literary Series! One Page is a result of Canada’s largest literary festivals and library systems coming together to collaborate and offer new ways to engage with writers and books at this critical time. As the publishing industry and writers struggle to build awareness and reach readers in an online environment, One Page believes that there is strength in our united efforts.

From the author of Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too, Jonny Sun’s new collection of poignant and hilarious personal essays, stories, and poems, Goodbye, again,—accompanied by his trademark illustrations—discusses topics such as mental health, happiness, and what it means to belong. The pieces cover topics like loneliness and being an outsider, short humour pieces, conversations, and memorable one-liners. Wonderfully prescient during our current times, Sun’s sincere writings about his struggles with feeling productive, as well as his reflections on anxiety and depression shows us that it is possible to be creative during chaotic times.

Sun discusses the essay collection Goodbye, again, about being creative in a chaotic world and what it means to belong in a conversation with actor Kevin Vidal.

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