One Page: Anne Enright


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Thursday, October 15
9am PT

The Vancouver Writers Fest is proud to be a part of One Page: Canada’s Virtual Literary Series! One Page is a result of Canada’s largest literary festivals and library systems coming together to collaborate and offer new ways to engage with writers and books at this critical time. As the publishing industry and writers struggle to build awareness and reach readers in an online environment, One Page believes that there is strength in our united efforts.

In Anne Enright’s seventh novel, Actress, the Irish writer explores the creation and destruction of celebrity in the character of Katherine O’Dell as told through the eyes of her daughter, Norah. Along the way, Enright traces the tragic legacy that Katherine’s celebrity leaves when she dies young and the unique world that Norah grows up in with a mother whose pain ultimately pushes her into madness.

It’s one part A Star is Born with the portrayal of fame on an individual life trajectory and the rise and fall; and it’s one part Joy Luck Club with its complex and contradictory view of the bonds between mothers and daughters.

Anne Enright talks about Actress with the editor of Canadian Notes & Queries, Emily Donaldson, and the complex relationship that binds us to and cuts us off from our childhood heroes as well as to the pull of celebrity and its potential for destruction.