Coming up this Month: Salman Rushdie returns to Vancouver after 10 years.

It’s been more than 10 years since Salman Rushdie appeared in a Vancouver Writers Fest event. In that time he has published children’s books, four novels and multiple essays while continuing to dazzle the literary world with his insight into the human condition. We are thrilled to have Rushdie back in Vancouver during our 30th anniversary, where he’ll present about his latest novel, The Golden House.

“Maybe you guessed already that I am not always a saint,” Nero said. “I am hard and boastful and used to a certain superior position and what I want I take and what I don’t want I clear out of my way. But when you are facing me you must ask yourself the following question: Is it possible to be both good and evil? Can a man be a good man when he is a bad man?
The Golden House

As reviewers have pointed out, Salman Rushdie’s latest novel is not about Donald Trump. However, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons between the Trumps and the high-powered Golden family who are the centre of Rushdie’s 13th novel.

Told from the perspective of a filmmaker, Rene, who attempts to document the lives of the Goldens, The Golden House explores the past eight years of American politics and the dramatic downfall of a real estate tycoon. In our current fraught political atmosphere, where ‘alternative facts’ have become the norm, Rushdie has written “the ultimate novel about identity, truth, terror and lies.”

“Ambitious and rewarding . . . Replete with allusions to literature, film, mythology and politics, the novel simultaneously channels the calamities of Greek drama and the information overload of the internet. The result is a distinctively rich epic of the immigrant experience in modern America, where no amount of money or self-abnegation can truly free a family from the sins of the past.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

On Tuesday, September 19, Rushdie will join Artistic Director Hal Wake to discuss this new book. What does Rushdie think about the current state of American politics? How can literature help us to understand and resist the forces of terror and misinformation that surround us? And what’s next for this multi-award-winning author and thought leader?

Tickets for this event are selling quickly, so make sure to purchase yours today!

Salman Rushdie in Conversation with Hal Wake
Monday, September 19 at 7:30pm
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
Presented in association with Indian Summer Festival
Generously sponsored by UBC Library and alumni UBC

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Lauren Dembicky