Frequently Asked Questions

About the Vancouver Writers Fest

When does the Festival happen?
Are there events year-round?
Is the organization a registered charity?
How do I become a member?
Are you hiring?

Festival Box Office and Events

When is the Festival lineup announced each year?
Where is the Festival?
How long are events? What are they like?
Why aren’t there more practical “hands-on” courses or workshops offered for aspiring writers?
How can I buy tickets?
When is the Festival Box Office open?
Are there surcharges on tickets?
Will books be available for sale? May I bring a copy of a book to be signed?
May I bring children to the events?
What age groups are your events suitable for?
What is your inclusivity policy?
Are your events free?

Questions about Volunteering

How do I volunteer?
I’m not a writer, can I still get involved?

Authors at the Vancouver Writers Fest

I’m a writer, how do I arrange to appear at the Festival?
How are writers selected?
Do you pay authors?