2022 Festival
October 17–23

2021 Volunteer Ticket Lottery 

Every Writers Festival volunteer serving a minimum of 12 hours during the Festival Week or 15-20 hours pre-festival is entitled to one complimentary ticket to a Festival event. 

Make sure you are not working during the event you’ve selected or that you’re not attending another event at the same time! 

We thank you for your enthusiastic commitment and for volunteering at the Vancouver Writers Fest! 

Ticket Lottery Choices

This year, we are only offering comp tickets for the events listed below. If you are interested in any events at the Nest, please note that all events at the Nest are being provided digitally (no in-person authors), first come-first-serve, by donation. Information available here: Cinema – Vancouver Writers Fest

Details about live Festival events are available here: Upcoming events

NOTE: If you select only 1 event you are not guaranteed a ticket to that event. Selecting fewer than 9 events does not increase your odds for the events you have selected.

Available events:

Digital pass for access to all digital events including live-streamed events.

Details are listed here: 2021 Digital Festival Pass – Virtual event – Vancouver – Oct 18, 2021 | Showpass

Event 07: Matrix: Lauren Groff in Conversation with John Freeman (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 13: Out of the Sun: Esi Edugyan in Conversation with Chantal Gibson (GI Stage; ASL provided)

Event 14: Spine-Chillingly Good: With Stephen Graham Jones and Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 20: Freeman’s with Lauren Groff and Joshua Bennett (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 21: Good Reads with Shashi Bhat, Jael Richardson, and Lisa Bird-Wilson (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 22: Hook, Line, and Sinker with Carrie Jenkins, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Sam Wiebe (PW; ASL provided)

Event 24: Cloud Cuckoo Land: Anthony Doerr in Conversation with Marsha Lederman (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 30: UBC Creative Writing: Night Class with Billy-Ray Belcourt, Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Sarah Leavitt, and Lindsay Wong (Revue; ASL on request

Event 31: Caribbean Masterpieces with Cherie Jones and Myriam Chancy (PW; ASL provided)

Event 32: The Spectacular Complexity of Womanhood with Mona Awad, Zoe Whittall, and Rachel Yoder (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 34: Word! Spoken Word for Adults with jaye simpson, Q, and Brandon Wint (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 35: The Emoji Lit Pub Quiz with Rob Taylor (GI Brew Pub) (venue subject to change)

Event 37: The Winter Wives: Linden MacIntyre in Conversation with David Ebner (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 38: The Power of Comics with Aminder Dhaliwal, Hiromi Goto, and Gord Hill (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 39: Top Picks for Teachers: New Classics for School Reading with Cherie Dimaline, David A. Robertson, and Robin Stevenson (PW; ASL on request)

Event 41: What Strange Paradise: Omar El Akkad in Conversation with Mark Medley (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 42: Defying Stereotypes in Memoir with Ben Philippe and Ian Williams (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 44: It’s Not Too Late: How We Can Still Fight the Climate Crisis with Arno Kopecky and J.B. MacKinnon (PW; ASL on request)

Event 48: The Poetry Bash (PW; ASL provided

Event 49: Event 49: Journeys For Home: One-to-One with Kamal Al-Solaylee and Marcello Di Cintio (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 51: with/holding: Chantal Gibson in Conversation with Lawrence Hill (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 52: Unreconciled: Jesse Wente in Conversation with Tanya Talaga (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 55: Poets in Conversation with Bertrand Bickersteth, Adam Sol, and Isabella Wang (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 56: Short Stories, Great Tales with Norma Dunning, Alix Ohlin, and Casey Plett (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 58: Fight Night: Miriam Toews in Conversation with Marsha Lederman (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 62: Binge: Douglas Coupland in Conversation with Lisa Christiansen (Waterfront; ASL provided)

Event 63: Float Like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea: Alex Wood in Conversation with Charles Demers (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 65: The Human Connection with Hiromi Goto and Will McPhail (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 66: Gripping Tales with Linwood Barclay, Cherie Jones, and Eddy Boudel Tan (Revue; ASL on request)

Event 68: Hunting by Stars: Cherie Dimaline in Conversation with David A. Robertson (GI STAGE; ASL provided)

Event 71: Blending Genres with Hiromi Goto, Harold R. Johnson, and Renée Sarojini Saklikar (Waterfront; ASL on request)

Event 75: Event 75: Danny Ramadan Presents: A Night of Storytelling (Revue)

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