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Fatty Legs (10th Anniversary Edition)

Margaret-Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton

Christy Jordan-Fenton

This beloved Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize finalist and Globe & Mail Best Book of the Year story returns for a new generation of readers. Margaret-Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton’s powerful story of an Inuvialuit girl standing up to the bullies of residential school has been reissued to commemorate the memoir’s 10th anniversary with updates to the text, reflections on the book’s impact, and a bonus chapter from the acclaimed follow-up, A Stranger at Home. New content includes a foreword from Dr. Debbie Reese, noted Indigenous scholar and founder of American Indians in Children’s Literature. Christy Jordan-Fenton, mother of Margaret’s grandchildren and a key player in helping Margaret share her stories, also discusses the impact of the book in a new preface.