2020 Festival

The Vancouver Writers Fest celebrates hope and community during all-digital 2020 Festival

In a year full of what has been great uncertainty, we are incredibly grateful to all of you: our community of artists, authors, readers and thinkers, who helped make the Vancouver Writers Fest 2020 season a runaway success. Your imagination, introspection, enthusiasm and empathy framed a week of conversations that will live on in our hearts and minds for months to come. As much as we hope these events bolstered you at home, this wonderful community has also lifted us, shoring up hope and promise for the year ahead.

Featuring over 40 virtual events over seven days, four of which were curated by beloved storyteller and author Ivan Coyote, the 2020 Festival was a light when we needed it most, full to the brim of joyful, fascinating and evocative conversations, readings and delight. Hope became the operative word, and threads of community filtered through each online discussion as chat windows bustled and webcams illuminated faces from across the globe.

With all events occupying their own time slots, and all Festival Week events available as pay-what-you-can, it was also the first year we were able to see every event from start to finish; an absolute treat for us, and we hope, for you!

Thank you for attending, and for your continued support.

The Vancouver Writers Fest team