YOUTH! Yorick and Bones: A Morning with Jeremy and Hermione Tankard

Grades: 3-6

YOUTH! Yorick and Bones: A Morning with Jeremy and Hermione Tankard

Thursday, Oct 22
Live on YouTube

If you weren’t able to tune in live, click here to watch the event recording.

Featuring a highly unlikely friendship and dialogue written completely in Shakespearean iambic pentameter, celebrated local authors and father-daughter pair Jeremy and Hermione Tankard’s Yorick and Bones is a delightful, quirky graphic novel families will enjoy over and over. After being dug up by a hungry dog named Bones, Yorick the skeleton is thrust into a modern world of strange realities and an even odder friendship with a puppy who keeps trying to eat him. Will he ever find a true friend? Will Bones ever find a treat that doesn’t bite back? In this special youth event, the Tankards share the rib-tickling, heartfelt joy of Yorick and Bones, certain to delight and entertain young minds and inspire new writers to flex their creative muscles.

Presented in collaboration with the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.

Event Participants:

Jeremy Tankard

British Columbia

JEREMY TANKARD is the bestselling author and illustrator of the Grumpy Bird picture book series. He has always loved comics and planned to make a career of them when he was about nine years old. He discovered the joys of Shakespeare in high school when his drama teacher cast him in a production of The Tempest. He has loved all things Shakespeare ever since. His book Yorick and Bones sees these two interests collide in the most unexpected ways.

Hermione Tankard

British Columbia

HERMIONE TANKARD discovered her love of Shakespeare in fourth grade when she asked her father to buy her a copy of Romeo and Juliet. She read it to herself as a bedtime story for the next two weeks. Little did she know it would one day lead to a job writing new Shakespearean adventures with her dad. When not helping her dad with their book Yorick and Bones, she enjoys acting and singing onstage.