YOUTH! This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes: A Morning with Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Grades: 6-9

YOUTH! This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes: A Morning with Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Monday, Oct 19
Live on YouTube

If you weren’t able to tune in live, click here to watch the event recording.

Talking to kids about the importance of fairness and equality is essential to their growth—something underscored by the rapid calls for ending injustice which have ignited worldwide. Award-winning author and Festival favourite Tanya Lloyd Kyi is ideally placed to guide students through the complex, often turbulent, world of assumptions and judgements. This is Your Brain on Stereotypes is a comprehensive introduction to the science behind stereotypes that will help young people make sense of why we classify people, and how we can change our thinking. It covers the history of identifying stereotypes, secret biases in our brains, and how stereotypes affect our sense of self. Most importantly, it covers current research into how science can help us overcome our biases, leading to a fairer classroom, community and society. Kyi is warm and witty and a seasoned classroom presenter. She’ll help students truly engage with this important topic.

Event Participants:

Tanya Lloyd Kyi

British Columbia

TANYA LLOYD KYI writes both fiction and nonfiction on topics related to science, pop culture, social history—or a combination of the three. Her recent books include Under Pressure, Me & Banksy, Mya’s Strategy to Save the World and This is Your Brain on Stereotypes. Tanya lives in Vancouver, BC, with her family.