February 2019

Literature & Libations

A dram, a tip, a nip, a splash, a finger or a spot: there are many names for the ubiquitous spirit, often the tipple of choice for some of the world’s most celebrated authors, from Fitzgerald to Hemingway.

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Exploring Susan Orlean’s “The Library Book”

Next month, we have a real treat for all literary lovers. As part of the Vancouver Writers Fest and Vancouver Public Library’s Incite series, New Yorker staff writer and legendary author Susan Orlean will be joined by fellow author and journalist Carol Shaben to explore Orlean’s latest release, The Library Book.

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Beyond Arctic Dreams: An Interview with Barry Lopez

We are aware of the precarious risk to our environment—and our species—as never before. How do we move forward?

Hailed as “one of our finest writers” by the Los Angeles Times Book Review, Barry Lopez discusses this with one of Canada’s most beloved authors and explorers, Wade Davis, on March 25.

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