Youth Writing Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Spreading the Word Youth Writing Contest! 

After much deliberation, our judges, Susin Nielsen and Ellen Schwartz, awarded prizes to the following entries:

  • 1st Place - Short Story: "Hero" by Jessica Klein, Grade 12 at Burnsview Secondary  
  • 2nd Place - Short Story: "Birthday" by Zoe Jones, Grade 11 at Stratford Hall 
  • 1st Place - Poetry: "things i've learned from school" by Gabrielle Bonifacio, Grade 12 at Byrne Creek Secondary School
  • 2nd Place - Poetry: "Chrysalism" by Vanessa Harrison, Grade 12, St. Michaels University School  

Click on the name of each entry to read it online. 

The winners will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: $300 + publication (in each category)
  • 2nd prize: $200 + publication (in each category)

Winners will also be published in The Claremont Review, a magazine that showcases work by young writers.  


Thank you to everyone who submitted their work! The 2017 Spreading the Word Youth Writing Contest will open in September 2017.