2015 Youth Writing Contest

ANNOUNCING... the winners of the 2015 Spreading the Word Youth Writing Contest! 

Short Story Category: 

Poetry Category:

First place winners in each category will receive $300 and second place winners will receive $200. Each winner's entry will be published in The Claremont Review, a magazine that showcases work by young writers. To read the winning submissions, click on the titles above.

Contest entries were judged blind by children's author Kallie George and YA author Darren Groth. Here are their comments on the winning entries: 

  • "Cricket Nights" - "Spare, yet vivid; subtle, yet powerful. I imagine this to be the sort of story Murakami might've penned as a kid."
  • "Perfectly Inhuman" - "A crafted, compelling glimpse into a cautionary future for all of us and a luminous future for this young author." 
  • "Universe Factory" - "To write as a god working the industry of existence takes some serious nuts and bolts, but the poet pulls it off. Marvellous voice with a poignant message."
  • "Letter Found in the Tool Shed" - "A mighty palette of evocation and self-reflection. A truly immersive piece that had my senses reveling and my thoughts singing."

Thank you to everyone who submitted their writing! 

The 2015 Spreading the Word Youth Writing Contest is supported by the Hamber Foundation and the Chris Spencer Foundation.