#Shelfie Contest

Calling all Book Lovers!

Are you an avid reader who can't wait for the 2014 Vancouver Writers Fest? Have you already delved into your pile of Festival books? Show our Festival authors how much you are looking forward to seeing them in Vancouver this fall, show your friends how much you love to read AND be entered to win $50 to Book Warehouse (to buy more books!).







Post a selfie with a book by a 2014 Festival author on your Twitter or Instagram account. Get creative, there is no right or wrong, just as long as your photo includes you and a book (or books)! Make sure you include the #shelfie and #vwf2014 hashtags to take part in the contest. And remember to share with friends, or tweet at the Festival author whose book you’ve chosen to feature.

Prize: $50 gift certificate to Book Warehouse

Contest dates: September 15-30th, with the winner announced on October 1st



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