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Photo credit: Tim Matheson 2009The VWF presents audio archives of Festival events with Canadian and international writers. Each event listed below has a short ‘teaser’ clip you can listen to for a taste of the full recording. Click on the Listen to the Full Recording >> next to each event for the full audio segment and to read more about the event and the writer.

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Past Recordings

An Intimate Evening with Sjón

A.S. Byatt novelist and critic has this to say about Sjon: “Every now and then a writer changes the whole map of literature inside my head. The most recent has been the Icelander Sjón, whose work is unlike anything I had read, and very exciting.

Emma Donoghue and Sarah Waters in Conversation

Emma Donoghue’s fiction has been translated into more than 40 languages and Sarah Waters has demonstrated a superb gift for storytelling. Who knows what stories these two will tell on stage?

Ann-Marie MacDonald

“We need our stories,” MacDonald says. “Remember who we are. Remember where we come from. Don’t skip over anything. Celebrate but never forget.”

Waking from the American Dream

These three Americans are from a new generation whose perspectives on humanity and empathy go well beyond their country’s national boundaries.

Tim Winton

A rare but very welcome return visit to the Writers Fest by one of Australia’s most beloved literary novelists.

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