Karen Connelly, Tom Perrotta


Moderator: Jen Sookfong Lee

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Karen Connelly, Tom Perrotta

Tuesday, October 17
8:30pm - 10:00pm
Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St.,
3rd Floor

Two authors who don’t shy away from the risqué and oftentimes taboo subject of sex talk about why this vexing part of human nature is integral to their writing. Of her new novel, The Change Room, in which a middle-aged heterosexual woman begins a steamy affair with a woman she meets at her community pool, Karen Connelly says she’s never had so much fun writing a book in her life—and this is her twelfth. In Mrs. Fletcher, Tom Perrotta—widely known for his novel Little Children about adults behaving badly in suburbia—introduces us to Eve Fletcher, a 46-year old divorcée who can’t curtail her interest in a porn website called MILFateria.com after receiving an anonymous text: “U R my MILF.” With sex come laughs and truths about all of us. You won’t want to miss this affair.

Event Participants:

Karen Connelly


Karen Connelly is the author of ten books of bestselling non-fiction, fiction and poetry and has lectured in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Her first book, Touch the Dragon, was a long-time national bestseller and won the Governor General’s Award, making Connelly the youngest winner. She divides her time between rural Greece and Toronto. Her new novel, The Change Room, is an exploration into desire as a married woman develops an overwhelming crush on a woman at her community pool.


Tom Perrotta

United States

For many years, Tom Perrotta taught writing at universities like Yale and Harvard while he was struggled to get published. His first novel, Election, was eventually picked up, and was a huge hit. It was made into a critically-acclaimed, Academy Award-nominated film, as was his novel Little Children. He also worked with HBO to adapt his novel, The Leftovers, into a successful show. His latest, Mrs. Fletcher, is a witty examination of sexuality, desire, and identity as a middle-aged woman tries to figure out what she wants after her only child leaves for college.