Screen Gems

Hart Hanson, Tom Perrotta, Esta Spalding

Screen Gems

Moderator: Ian Weir

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Screen Gems

Hart Hanson, Tom Perrotta, Esta Spalding

Wednesday, October 18
8:30pm - 10:00pm
Performance Works

1218 Cartwright St.

Literary readers now often find they’re also drawn to
thoughtful, well-written television—and there is more and
more of the latter being produced. Television is attracting
some of the finest writers available as it gains a new
prestige. Hart Hanson, who’s just written a debut thriller, is
the creator, executive producer and writer of the television
series Bones. Tom Perrotta, whose novels have been
transformed into television series and adapted as movies,
usually has a large hand in writing the screenplays. Esta
, award-winning film and television writer—from Da
Vinci’s Inquest
and Being Erica to Masters of Sex and The
—is also a children’s author. There’s sure to be some
entertaining behind-the-scenes stories shared tonight by
these three screenwriters.

Presented with Vancouver Film School.

Event Participants:

Hart Hanson

Canada/United States

Hart Hanson is a television writer, producer, creator and most recently, a novelist. He was the executive producer of the Emmy nominated show, Judging Amy, and worked on the award-winning series, Joan of Arcadia. He created, produced and wrote the Fox television series, Bones, which was the longest-running scripted hour-long series on Fox. It ran for 12 seasons and was well-received. The Driver is Hanson’s debut thriller about a Special Forces sergeant turned limo driver who stumbles into a world of trouble he has tried to avoid after a threat on his client’s life.


Tom Perrotta

United States

For many years, Tom Perrotta taught writing at universities like Yale and Harvard while he was struggled to get published. His first novel, Election, was eventually picked up, and was a huge hit. It was made into a critically-acclaimed, Academy Award-nominated film, as was his novel Little Children. He also worked with HBO to adapt his novel, The Leftovers, into a successful show. His latest, Mrs. Fletcher, is a witty examination of sexuality, desire, and identity as a middle-aged woman tries to figure out what she wants after her only child leaves for college.

Esta Spalding


Esta Spalding is an award-winning writer for television and film, as well as a poet and author. She has written for some of Canada’s most popular and award-winning series. Currently, she is the supervising producer of the HBO series Masters of Sex, and is writing for the new Amazon series The Last Tycoon. Her upbringing in Hawaii inspired her Fitzgerald-Trout series, which has two new books arriving this year.