Portrait of a Marriage

Gurjinder Basran, Fanny Britt, Karen Connelly, Kate Hilton

Portrait of a Marriage

Moderator: Timothy Taylor

Event Number: 66
Tickets: $20.00

Portrait of a Marriage

Gurjinder Basran, Fanny Britt, Karen Connelly, Kate Hilton

Friday, October 20
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Revue Stage

1601 Johnston St.

Marriage: secure safety net or tangled net for imprisonment? These two extremes, and the myriad configurations in between, are rich soil for writers. Four Canadian writers turn their attention to marriage this evening. Gurjinder Basran’s novel travels between India and Canada as Simran, faced with the disintegration of her marriage, struggles to make sense of her world. Fanny Britt paints a complex portrait of a woman trying to weigh whether to disrupt her family life for life with an old flame. Karen Connelly creates a happily married but sexually unsatisfied mother who is surprised to find herself in an affair with another woman. Kate Hilton’s character struggles to balance the demands of three husbands: past, present and might-as-well-be. Bring your spouse to this event—there’ll be plenty to discuss afterwards.

Event Participants:

Gurjinder Basran

British Columbia

Gurjinder Basran worked as a telecom manager before writing her award-winning debut novel, Everything Was Good-bye. She was named by the CBC as one of “Ten Canadian Women Writers You Need to Read” for her book which details the struggle of holding to Indian culture while trying to adapt to Canadian customs. Basran studied Creative Writing at Simon Fraser University and has been an instructor in their writer’s program. Her new novel, Someone You Love Is Gone, explores the elements that hold a family together and what can tear them apart.


Fanny Britt


Fanny Britt is a Francophone writer who has written a dozen plays and translated more than 15. She graduated from the playwriting program at the National Theatre School of Canada in 2010, and two years later she won the Governor General’s Literary Award in Drama for her play Bieveillance. Britt’s first graphic novel, Jane, the Fox and Me, was collaboration with Isabelle Arsenault and won numerous awards. They are working together again on Louis Undercover. Britt’s first novel for adults Hunting Houses, arriving this year, is a complex and realistic exploration of a woman’s marriage.


Karen Connelly


Karen Connelly is the author of ten books of bestselling non-fiction, fiction and poetry and has lectured in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Her first book, Touch the Dragon, was a long-time national bestseller and won the Governor General’s Award, making Connelly the youngest winner. She divides her time between rural Greece and Toronto. Her new novel, The Change Room, is an exploration into desire as a married woman develops an overwhelming crush on a woman at her community pool.


Kate Hilton


Kate Hilton is a bestselling author and experienced media contributor. She has appeared on Breakfast Television, CBC Early Edition, Global Morning, CTV Morning, and other local shows. Her work and her ideas have been featured in Canadian Living, CBC Canada Writes and The National Post, among others. Before becoming a writer, she worked in law, public relations and fundraising. She co-authors a non-fiction blog, the Pen Pal Project. Her second novel, Just Like Family, follows a successful business woman juggling the demands of her ex-husband, her fiancée and a work husband.