Out of Character

Claire Cameron, Wayne Johnston, Linden MacIntyre, Kathleen Winter

Out of Character

Moderator: Mark Medley

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Out of Character

Claire Cameron, Wayne Johnston, Linden MacIntyre, Kathleen Winter

Friday, October 20
10:00am - 11:30am
Performance Works

1218 Cartwright St.

The Canadian caricature we all know is polite and self-effacing: we don’t make a fuss. Not a great template for fictional characters. Thankfully, none of the characters who inhabit the new novels by these four Canadian authors are caricatures in any way. Wayne Johnston’s novel is peopled by larger-than-life characters, including the boozy giantess Sheilagh Fielding, who first showed up in his Colony of Unrequited Dreams. Kathleen Winter reimagines eighteenth-century British General James Wolfe as a present-day shell-shocked war veteran. Linden MacIntyre gradually reveals the mysterious character of Pierre, whose past in Lebanon is a surprise to all who thought they knew him. And Claire Cameron vividly brings to life a pregnant Neanderthal girl desperate to survive. You’ll be intrigued to meet these interesting characters.

Suitable for grades 10-12 and adults.

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Claire Cameron


Claire Cameron is a Canadian novelist, journalist and Queen’s University graduate. Her second novel The Bear was a national bestseller and award-winner.  Her love of the outdoors permeates her work, including her latest novel The Last Neanderthal, which follows a teenage Neanderthal on her journey to find a mate and the archeologist who discovers her in the present.


Wayne Johnston


Wayne Johnston is a bestselling fiction and memoir author. His books include The Divine Ryans and The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, which has been made into a stage play and is being developed into a television series. He worked as a reporter for the St. John’s Daily News and was a part of a championship ball-hockey team before committing himself to writing. His latest work, First Snow, Last Light follows a young boy as he searches for his missing parents. As he encounters his larger-than-life family, he learns what can challenge and compel a person’s actions.


Linden MacIntyre


Linden MacIntyre is a broadcaster, journalist and bestselling novelist. MacIntyre worked for 24years as a co-host for The Fifth Estate, a program dedicated to thorough and comprehensive investigations. He has won ten Gemini Awards for his work on the program, as well as numerous awards for journalistic excellence and writing, including a Scotiabank Giller Prize for The Bishop’s Man. MacIntyre’s new novel The Only Café is a thought-provoking and timely piece of literature. After his father’s mysterious death, Cyril learns more about his father’s hidden past and his life in Lebanon that he fled from as a refugee.

Kathleen Winter


Kathleen Winter’s first  novel, Annabel, has been sold in 15 countries and received major international recognition, including nominations for The Scotiabank Giller Prize, The Governor General’s Award and the Rogers Writer’s Trust Prize.  Her memoir, Boundless, about her journey to the arctic was also highly-acclaimed. Winter’s work has appeared in literary journals from coast-to-coast and she was a Saturday columnist for the Evening Telegram. In Lost in September, a PTSD-suffering homeless veteran—who bears a striking resemblance to Canadian General James Wolfe—wanders the streets of Montreal and Quebec City trying to remember his past.