Eileen Myles in Conversation with Aislinn Hunter

Eileen Myles in Conversation with Aislinn Hunter
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Eileen Myles in Conversation with Aislinn Hunter

Friday, October 20
8:30pm - 10:00pm
Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St.,
3rd Floor

After decades as a steady fixture on the New York poetry scene, and author of some 20 books of poetry, fiction and criticism, Eileen Myles had a rebirth of sorts. First came the 2015 film Grandma, featuring Myles’s poetry and starring Lily Tomlin as an indomitable lesbian poet. Then came the Golden Globe-winning TV series Transparent. One of the characters is based on Myles and their poetry is recited by various characters. Instant fame resulted. Their poetry collection I Must Be Living Twice came out at the same time. Not one to be easily categorized, their latest book is Afterglow (a dog memoir), in which they mourn their beloved confidante, their pit bull Rosie. You’ll enjoy this original, hilarious and valiant trailblazer.

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Eileen Myles

United States

Eileen Myles is an award-winning poet, performer, art journalist and novelist with more than 20 books. In the 1970s they moved to New York to become a poet and learned plenty from the readings and workshops put on by the St. Mark’s Poetry Project. Later, Myles became the artistic director. They have toured throughout North America and Europe and have contributed to many publications such as The New Yorker, TimeOut and Paris Review. Afterglow, a collection of poems, is Myles’ love letter to their recently departed dog, Rosie. The heartfelt poems discuss loss and the bond between a pet and owner.